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Thread subject: Off topic a bit, but only a bit...;-)
Name Date Message
Shelley 07/20/05 01:15 pm The Wisdom of Big Bird (and the Dark Genius of Oscar the Grouch) - Lessons from a Life in Feathers, by Caroll Spinney

I just got this delightful book from a friend and started it last night. Caroll Spinney is the man who IS Big Bird and has been since Sesame Street began, over 34 years go! As I said, I've just started it but the last paragraph of his introduction just made me smile!

" Big Bird has opened up new worlds to me. Because of him I have made lifelong friends, overcome personal challenges, travelled the world, performed on legendary stages, and found my soul mate. I'm certain that being a bird has made me a better person, and I've tried to explain how in these chapters. I hope that you too can benefit from what I've learned."

*I'm certain that being a bird has made me a better person*

I just love it! It's deep, but deceptively simple. :D
I know I'm going to love this book!

Here are just some of the chapter titles ;-) :

* Find Your Inner Bird
* Try Adding More Feathers
* Become Who You Always Were
* Be a Grouch
* Be Flexible
* Wing It
* Make 'Em Laugh
* Pretend You Can Dance
* Watch Your Step
* Eat Your Veggies
* Don't Let Your Feathers Get Ruffled
* Be Good To Each Other
* Give Something Back
* Remember the Future

This is a borrowed book but I have a sneaky suspicion that I may have to go buy a copy for myself before I'm done... :)

Just thought it was appropriate to share this here, since, thanks to DPOF, and the miracle of technology (yeah, the same technology that drives me nuts sometimes), in a way, we have all become birds.... :-)
Marie 07/20/05 05:55 pm Smile..............I always was one Shelley.
Celeste 07/20/05 05:58 pm Sounds like a very sweet book Shelley...."a keeper"
Cecilia 07/20/05 08:24 pm I'm sure that, "Wing it," is one of life's most valuable lessons :-) Thanks Shelley!
cathy 07/21/05 12:14 am I used to watch Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch on Sesame Street with my daughter when she was little (many years ago). He was about 6 ft tall, but the gentlest character on Sesame Steet - he hated any conflict. Oscar taught the children how to react to grouchy people (I was probably one sometimes in my daughter's life) by maintaining one's composure and knowing it was "mainly about them" - something I could use now myself with some people. There were always several dimensions to those characters - some for adults and some for children. I miss Kermit!! Maybe a blue heron ate him.
Shelley 07/21/05 07:26 am Yes, Cathy, I think this book has come into my life just at the right time, for some of those lessons....lessons or things we think we know, or ought to know, but are amazed to realize how often we forget them...

The author talks about how the costume is constructed, how he puts it on and how he operates it from inside. He actually cut and trimmed his script notes to fit inside the costume, just so, which I found fascinating. The only thing that's missing that I would have loved to see are photos. But it really is a fun read

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