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Thread subject: Sunrise Highway Osprey
Name Date Message
Celeste 07/20/05 03:50 pm The first nest that I see on the Sunrise going East is the one at Great River.....going...there were three chicks, coming home, two of the chicks had flown to the highway light pole about 5-10ft away

The second nest near Connetquot, also had 3 chicks and Mom, all in the nest watching the traffic below, and on my return 3 chicks were still in the nest watching the traffic! Mom was not in the nest

All chicks robust, healthy and huge even from the highway in a car.....they were very noticeable!
Marie 07/20/05 05:53 pm Well done Celeste...nice to know there are more wonderful ospreys soon to be out and about.
Cecilia 07/20/05 08:23 pm So this must mean that you took a fun trip today Celeste? Can I tell you how jealous I am? :-)
Rich_H 07/21/05 02:13 pm On Tuesday I saw 4 Ospreys in Great River. I had assumed that it was 2 parents and 2 babies. I drive by almost every day and have never seen more than three birds on the nest.

On my drive East to the airport I saw a chic at the Oakdale nest giving his wings a big workout and two other Ospreys . I watched for as long as I could without driving off the road. It was flapping so much, I was suprised that the nest stayed on the pole! :)

Although I probably can see the nest at Islip High School from my attic window, I have not seen them recently. Does anyone have any information on them?
Madeline 07/21/05 04:53 pm It's great to hear that so many of you live out here in Suffolk County. We're furtunate to ;have so many Osprey nests on Sunrise Hwy, and at the County golf courses. W. Sayvillke has 2 nests, each with 2 ;chicks. Also there is a nest near Timber Point GC on the Great South Bay. It's wonderful to be sble to see them up close fishing right in the small ponds. There's a fish hatchery on the north side of the Oakdale merge, so it makes good fishing for the resident Osprey
karen 07/22/05 08:59 am and an update from Nassau County ... I just found a nest today that I must have passed a zillioon times ... on the cell tower at the LIE exit 39 on the south side of the south service road a big nest on the very top platform ... no birds today but a well built nest. I will now start taking a look as I drive by to work .... there is no nearby water that I know of they would have to fly north to Long Island Sound I think...
Cecilia 07/22/05 04:12 pm I can't believe I've never seen it either :-) You're talking about the Roslyn Rd exit? But now that I think of it I never take the service road to the south off of the LIE. I'll look for it the next time I get down there. The closest water must be Hempstead Harbor...except there might be some small, private ponds that I don't know about. What a strange location. And what a haul to bring fish back to a nest that is so far from the water. Maybe indicitive of how few good nesting spots there are available in the more desirable spots...most of the land surrounding the harbor is private now. We do have one osprey platform that a local organization erected a couple of years ago but it's in a spot that you can't see from any road so I don't even know if it's occupied. Hempstead Harbor is coming back from the days when it was a toxic waste dumping ground but it's still far from clean so it's amazing to me that ospreys are willing to live here :-(

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