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Thread subject: DPOF West Coast Reunion - Marie and Cathy
Name Date Message
cathy 07/22/05 07:53 pm Greetings from Marie and Cathy in Seattle. Marie came in from Victoria yesterday evening and we have been chatting about everything including ospreys. We watched the orange and blue sunset last evening over the Olympic Mountains from the dining room window. No Puget Sound ospreys yet though. This morning we awoke to rain - now sun. We are going on a walk in Discovery Park shortly. We rode the bus downtown with normal busriders then ascended to the top of a 76 story building for a lunch I had purchased at a charity auction in the most elegant setting - then back home on the bus. More to come....
Shelley 07/22/05 07:57 pm Are you guys anywhere near the eagle nest at Kent? I don't know my geography of those parts well enough to know this without looking it up.

Have a wonderful weekend, all of you!
Cecilia 07/22/05 08:27 pm Wish we were all there:-)
cathy 07/22/05 09:42 pm Shelley - we are somewhat near the nest (about 40 miles). My cousin lives on Lake Meridian and she said the eagles roost on the tree in her yard. They have eaten all the ducks in the lake. I have never seen them except on the web - but I don't visit very often. I don't know if the nest can be seen from any public place, since it is in Lorraine and Gary's yard. I enjoy watching them on the web though.

P.S. I wish my friends from this site were here to join us too.
Celeste 07/22/05 10:09 pm Sounds so beautiful, and tranquil. What a wonderful setting! Thank you Cathy!
cathy 07/23/05 10:19 pm Today John and I were treated to bird-watching the way it should be done. Marie and us went to a wildlife refuge in south Puget Sound area. It took us 6 hours to go 5 miles because we stopped at each possible bird sighting and all possible lenses were pulled out and set up. We saw 46 species including Seattle's official bird the Great Blue Heron and Washington State bird - American goldfinch. We also saw 2 minks. Highlights were Virginia Rails and Sora Rail. These are modest med sized birds in the reeds - very shy. Then we drove to the new nest site of the ospreys I have watched for about 5 years from my office - moved off a power tower to a nest platform. There was the male and female with 2 big unfledged chicks. The male had a fish in storage under his foot, while the female fed the large chicks. The chicks were at that beautiful stage of large herringbone backs - head down waiting to be fed. We observed some flapping practice. It was a delightfully sunny day with views of Mt Rainier and blue water. I would never have seen, let alone identified, so many birds without Marie. She says "pshhs" and "hoo" and birds get all excited.
Cecilia 07/23/05 10:38 pm Ahhh...she's a "psher" :-)

46 species in one day... wow! Dennis Puleston would be impressed! are all of us! Thanks for the report and will we see the photos soon?
Celeste 07/24/05 05:26 am Sounds like a wonderful day....Marie could certainly give lessons on "stopping and smelling the roses"! ("osprey time", "bird watching time"!)
Pam 07/24/05 06:03 am Believe me, Marie gets excited over every little bird she sees and makes a list of them all which of course includes all the ones which we take for granted every day, I'm thinking of all our common garden birds here in England, she counts them all and quite rightly too !! Sounds like a lovely day out - Marie opens your eyes for you !
cathy 07/24/05 03:52 pm Marie is going back to Victoria today on the Clipper. Here are some photos we took together:
Its been a lovely visit. Thanks to DPOF for bringing us together here and with all you.
cathy 07/24/05 04:02 pm Just now sitting here looking at the osprey board, an osprey flew right close to our house in front of the window carrying a fish!! I hadn't seen anything like that this year. Just for Marie and her visit! Just a short interval later, it flew back without the fish. Marie said this means the fish was dropped off very near here and now my mission is to locate this nest. The ospreys on the west coast are about 3 weeks to a month later in their cycle than those on the east coast. The young haven't fledged and they don't leave until late Sept to mid-October.
Shelley 07/24/05 04:16 pm Heehee, I love the pic and caption of you, Cathy, "ripping a fish for lunch", ';-)

But, was it delivered headless and did you hold it down with your foot?
Shelley 07/24/05 04:18 pm All the pics are beautiful, by the way!! I love the 2 sky photos, especially, a favourite genre of mine. Just gorgeous!

So happy that you all had a great visit
Pam 07/24/05 05:59 pm The photos were super and it looks as though you had a great time with lovely weather. Seems like some wonderful friendships are born out of a love of birds and the connections between people made on this favourite website. Many thanks to all who have the generosity and dedication to make it possible.
Cecilia 07/24/05 07:33 pm Thanks Cathy, John and's so nice to see what you three were up to at the West Coast DPOF get together :-) The views from your house are fantastic...both the sunset and the cloudy sky shots were just gorgeous. I'm ready to move!!!
Nancy L 07/24/05 07:38 pm Terriffic photos, Cathy & Marie. I especially liked the baby swallows on Marie's deck. Today I went kayaking with my husband & friends. It was my first time, having only canoed, before. Well, I did O.K. Our friends had a kayak for 2, but my husband, Jim & I each went in our own kayak. We went on Browns River, in Sayville, here on L.I. It is quite small (I call it Browns Creek.) We were only out for about 1 3/4 hours. It was fun. Yes, I'll do it again.
Marie 07/24/05 10:03 pm Marie is home..........had a great trip on the high speed '' ÇLIPPER'' ...Waved good bye from the vessel as we jetted past the hill side called Blue Ridge where Cathy and John live.
Thank you for such a fabulousl visit Cathy and John...........

I will write a synopsis later of how I experienced the W/E but now I must head out to see the Eaglets if they are still around........

Osprey Chicks later this week.

Hope you enjoy the PICS.........we certainly had fun taking them.
cathy 07/24/05 11:20 pm Glad you're home, my special friend thanks to DPOF.
cathy 07/24/05 11:32 pm Shelley - it was headless and tailless and was delivered by "Doug" after we made some quiet chirps. The fish was delivered after some vegetation was brought in.
Marie 07/25/05 12:39 am Two Eaglets sitting at the top of the firs like two candles. Their greeting as I pulled into the parking lot at the golf course really was a solicitation call for food, but I like to think they were happy to see me. I certainly was happy to see that they were still there. One adult flew into the nest with something, but soon flew out again as the alpha chick almost attacked it when it landed in the nest. 2nd juvenile flapped and called a great deal at the top of the tree but didn't go to the nest while the other one ate. Certainly from my obs there is a pecking order at this nest.
As the light fades away at the end of another lovely day, the gulls are screeching in the neighborhood. I look up and see one of my beach eagles flying by being chased by the gulls. This one has a dead gull trailing in its talons.

Ahhhhhhhhhh those mighty killers.....they are indeed the masters of the sky.
Celeste 07/25/05 06:27 am What a wonderful weekend.......I "ate" every word. Thank you for sharing!

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