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Thread subject: Three days in Seattle
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Marie 07/25/05 03:10 am July 21st. Marie heads to Seattle on the high speed Catamaran. It was sunshine all the way. Smooth sailing too for the most part, however the rip tides and the large passing tankers move the sea in such a way that' SWELLS ''develop. Ãan be uncomfortable at times. Sea birds , gulls, seals and porpoise were visible on my route.
Mt Baker loomed on the horizon as I left Victoria while Mt. Rainier, shroudered in haze was barely visible when the Clipper arrived in Seattle.
Cathy was there to meet me. ;-)
We headed to Blue Ridge where Cathy and John live. Seattle is much hillier than I expected so the view from the dining room where we sat enjoying John's home made soup, was delightful. John's special recipe was delicious. Their home is on a ridge overlooking the bay. The sun set beyond the hills across the bay casting glorious orange/rose and blue hues. I felt at home for I could see the sea.
No Osprey sighting this day.
July 22nd. A lazy start...a leisurely breakfast this day prepared by John. A decision to go into Seattle by bus to avoid the parking hastles. A steep walk up another hill to find our lunch destination. It was to be the tallest building in Seattle. The Bank of America building. 76 floors up we were spell bound with the view. Those were the fastest elevators to the top I had ever experienced. One had to yawn to equalize the pressure in ones ears. A change of elevator occured at the 46th floor. Our special lunch was prepared in the true style of fine dining. Lobster for me and Black cod for Cathy. We also indulged in appertizers, dessert and coffee along with a glass of wine. Worth mentioning here were the ladies washrooms. Each cubicle had a picture window behind the necessary toilet. A wash basin and counter within this area faced the window. One could look out to the active city/harbour way down below. Seattle seemed to stretch for miles. Reminded me somewhat of Vancouver BC. Only the mountains were missing. We posted the best view for you all, taken right from the BR window. IMAGINE...... ;-)
Following lunch we headed down to Pioneer Square, but before then, I had to take that picture of the towering buildings once down from the 76th floor. This was my view when I looked up from the street below. Quite awesome I thought.
Some of the old architecture was quite fascinating around Pioneer Square. We caught a bus and
headed back to Cathy's for a walk and some fine dinning once again at Chez John's. I was treated to a back massage before dinner by guess who? Another one of John's many skills. I felt truly pampered. Dinner by the way was delicious.
It was that evening while Cathy and I sat watching the DPOF ospreys on her computer that the first Washingtion osprey flew across our view. A great conclusion to a special day. It was early to bed for us all as Saturday was to be an early start.
July 23rd... a full day of Birding at the Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge.
What a beautiful day that was . Approx. an hour or more drive south to Tacoma where a huge refuge, the Nisqually river delta is situated at the southern end of Puget Sound. Here this wetland supports a variety of habitat. The trails is five miles long. It took us 6 hrs to complete as I wanted to see as many birds as I could. The abundant small birds we saw were four types of swallow, American Goldfinch and Song Sparrows. Large birds included several immature eagles, many great blue herons, and two or three harriers. It was most fitting to have an immature eagle fly over just as we got out of the car when we first arrived here. Our species list was an impressive 46. The highlight was seeing Virginia and Sora Rails. These are very secretive birds. The scenery, the picnic that John packed for us and the birds made this a very special time together. The finale was a visit to the osprey nest that Cathy had watched from her office window for the past five years. We saw the male, female and two non-fledged chicks at this nest site. Too bad the highway was so close to this new nest spot as we couldn't hear any calls from the female or chicks while they were being fed. Another sumptious dinner was prepared by John that evening, even though I know he was very tired from a day with the birds.
July 24th. I joined Cathy at church this morning where my Spirit was given an extra boost. It was a glorious morning. Made even better while Cathy and I sat at the computer posting our pictures for you to enjoy, for what should happen along, but an osprey with a really BIG fish. It flew so close to Cathy's house that it seemed to be announcing... ''hey girls, look at ME. ! If that wasn't enough , within minutes it flew back past the window without the FISH. That means possibly two things. An eagle had intercepted or there was a nest close by. Cathy gets to play detective now.
Hopefully she will find a nest somewhere on the ridge.We had lunch together after our serendipitous moment and then it was time to leave.
3.15pm I borded the ''CLIPPER''. to head back to Victoria.
This was a W/E I shall never forget. All things were perfect. Thank you my special friends in Seattle and all those of you who take the time to share with me in my adventures, even if it is only through my ramblings. ;-))
Tiger 07/25/05 05:53 am Aww that sounds like a great weekend. Thanks for reporting it. Seems like DPOF is growing roots everywhere.
Pam 07/25/05 06:10 am Thank you Marie. Lovely description of your visit to Cathy and John.
Celeste 07/25/05 06:23 am Thank you for "taking us along" Marie....I can even taste John's cooking!
Shelley 07/25/05 07:57 am Sounds terrific!! Thanks, Marie, for letting us join you! And to both of you for the great photos yesterday, too!
Zara 07/25/05 08:30 am Thanks for sharing your visit. 76th floor... you are brave. How do I get to see the pictures?? Sometimes I can find things ... other times, not! Am getting better though, promise!!
Nancy L 07/25/05 08:58 am The pictures are on Cathy's site. She put the address on her message # 6485 (7/24 @ 3:52) under "DPOF west-coast reunion.
Marie 07/25/05 08:59 am Sorry about the spelling mistakes and sentence structure. Must confess I was a little tired when composing this epistle last evening. But you got the 'picture' and that is what counts. Glad you enjoyed the trip.
Zara, if you go to the message board heading, DPOF WEST COAST REUNION, Marie and Cathy, somewhere in that long thread is a posting half way down that Cathy typed. She has a web addres in the body of the text and you need to go to that site. Bingo! The pics are right there to be viewed. As for 76 FLOORS....I have a fear of heights when there is nothing holding me in but it was different being behind glass and looking down.
Back to reality to work in a while .';-((
Cecilia 07/25/05 09:15 am Zara, I copied the url for you...just copy and paste or drag this address to your browser window and it will open Cathy's photo site (on Internet Explorer or Netscape or what ever you use)

Here it is: sounds llike a perfect weekend...some friends, a gorgeous location, a little wine and a lot of birds :-) Thanks for taking us along!
Zara 07/25/05 10:18 am Thanks very much Cecilia, just had a look. What lovely photo's.Wonderful sunset too. We get that sort of sunset in Scotland. Off there on August 12th for two weeks, hope to see the Ospreys fishing over Loch Fleet. Who knows if I get some good photos I may have to learn how to post them.THANKS again.
karen 07/25/05 02:53 pm Lovely photos ... the ladies room pics gaveme vertigo and I loved Maries swallows. What a great visit you all had and thanks for sharing it with us.
RonS 07/25/05 09:22 pm Marie, thanks for the voyage, both in words ond photos. Fantastic.

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