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Thread subject: I need some detective help.
Name Date Message
RonS 07/25/05 09:50 pm A friend of mine has emailed me a photo of a huge egg he found floating while he was clamming. It is about 3/4ths the length of a ten dollar bill and as wide a the bill is. I have no idea what kind of egg it is. If you want to assist, please email me at and I'll forward it to you.
Thanks, RonS
Shelley 07/26/05 08:28 am Ron, I am doing a bit of homework for you, googling to try to find some egg ID sites. So far, not much of any use is coming up. I did find one interesting site, though:

You might also try to go to and submit the question to their *ask an expert* feature. I have done that twice, and once, got a reply almost immediately. The second time, it took considerably longer and the answer was not that helpful but I'd still say it's worth a try.

I also have a large poster in my classroom the shows many different birds' eggs, That may be helpful but I won't be back in my class until the end of August. I will email you for a copy of the photo and see if it is one of the eggs featured on my poster. Of course, by then, you may have already got your answer!
Pam 07/26/05 08:47 am What colour is the egg Ron? Does it have any spots ?
Marie 07/26/05 09:02 am Hi Ron,
Do you think this could be a TURTLE'S EGG? Or some kind of Reptilian egg. I think they come ashore and lay them in shallow pits that they dig with their hind flippers.
These eggs tend to be more rubbery and might float. Perhaps one got uncovered after it was laid and was too close to the changing tide when it was washed out to the sea. I somehow don't think it is a birds egg.
DaveS 07/26/05 11:10 am The largest egg I know of on Long Island would be the egg of a Mute Swan. It's almost 5 inches long and 2 and a half around.
RonS 07/26/05 11:25 am To all who emailed, I have sent the photo to you. Thanks for the ID assist.
Marie, based on the size, I don't think it would be a turtles eggs. Also, I'm not sure they even breed this far north.
Dave, the size egg you describe might fit, given the (in)accuracy of a snap-shot.
RonS 07/26/05 12:05 pm Shelly,
Thanks for the tip about Apparently they are victims of their own success as they are not taking any new questions. Oh, well. :-(
Pam 07/26/05 12:16 pm This is a good website for birds egg identification Ron:
It has photographs, measurements etc.
Melanie 07/26/05 12:20 pm Leatherback and Green (sea) turtle eggs are normally the size of ping pong balls, and this egg is approx 5" long. Eggs will float, especially if it didn't hatch, the yolk and albumin are drying up and air is getting into the shell. I'll echo Dave and lean towards a Mute Swan
Shelley 07/27/05 09:40 am Ron, after posting the picture on my other site, here is one response I had so far:

"Was it hard or soft shelled (looks hard shelled to me)? Turtle eggs are leathery shelled, not hard shelled and they are smaller than that. That's all I can contribute to the ID mystery as I don't know bird eggs. Anyone know how big goose eggs are? While I see the goslings every year, I've never seen an intact egg."

RonS 07/27/05 12:27 pm I'm back at work and can now speak to the Walter, the great egg hunter. The egg is hard shelled, about 6-7 inches long and is solid in color, not mottled.. The photo in his camera is a bit washed out. Comparing it to real bill, it is possible that the egg is greenish, like the Mute Swan. I think that's what we will go with, thanks again for the help.

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