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Thread subject: Great lunch...No Osprey's today!
Name Date Message
Zara 07/27/05 12:03 pm I took two ( non bird watching) friends to lunch today at The Finches Arms, overlooking Rutland Water. The pub was packed so we didn't get window seats (will book them next time though) Great food, but not an Osprey in sight! We didn't venture out to Lax Hill as it was raining quite hard. My daughter is home from University next week and has promised to come Osprey watching next Friday 5th August, hopefully we won't need our wellies and kagouls.Watch this space...
Shelley 07/27/05 01:04 pm Zara, I know what wellies are but this is the first time I've heard the word *kagouls*

Translation, please? ;-)
Zara 07/27/05 02:32 pm Kagoul = rain/windproof jacket!
Which should not be needed here in the summer! :0)
Pam 07/27/05 03:38 pm Glad you enjoyed your meal - better luck next time with the ospreys. They may have released the penned females by then.
cathy 07/27/05 04:37 pm I'll try to mystify my friends by speaking of my wellies and kagouls.
Zara 07/27/05 04:41 pm Cathy... I will get my thinking cap on and see if I can think of some more for you!! :0))
Marie 07/27/05 07:31 pm RAIN...what's that! Seems that we need some over BC. I can't remember when I last saw any. He He ....Perpetual sunshine is the name of the game in Victoria. It is hot too but nothing like the East of Canada is experiencing nor even like NY and Long Island.
Being British/Canadian.............I knew what you meant ZARA.... ;-) though we call our rain gear..
Rain jackets, but wellies is a term we use.
Zara how about the word TRAINERS..? It is the same name for SNEAKERS, isn't it?
There is another word, but I have forgotten for running shoes.
Melanie 07/28/05 10:09 am How about the ubiquitous "jumper" - can't that be a sweater as well as a dress?

Bring that heat right south down through the middle Atlantic states, too. It was 104ยบ when I left work yeaterday. happily the front came through and it's quite civilized at the moment. Massive storm, though. Probably 1/3 of my town is still without power.
Pam 07/28/05 12:21 pm Plimsolls, Marie? Another different clothing word is "vest" which for us is an undergarment and for you is a sleeveless slipover. We also wear pullovers and macks. Jumper is a little old-fashioned here now, sweater being preferable, but it has never been a dress for us. Mind you, Dennis still wears his comfy cardi when it gets a bit parky !
Marie 07/28/05 06:28 pm and then there is that Urgh word for DRESS........a word I detest. LOL

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