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Thread subject: Wouldn't you know it !
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Marie 07/29/05 01:12 am I waited for two and half hours at the osprey nest site watching the 'BABIES' play. I had expected a fish delivery during this time, but I was to be tested instead. Patience is a VIRTUE, and sometimes I run out of it.
It was really windy and rather warm later this afternoon as I headed out. Not especially good fish -catching weather I thought. I came to this conclusion as the minutes and hours passed. No sign of an adult osprey anywhere. After a while I assumed that these two chicks had been fed just before I showed up, for it was much too quiet. To amuse me the alpha chick flew from time to time.The second chick would watch and then they would sleep. A time was spent head bobbing, and preening. At times they called half heartedly, but no parent came. The planes flew overhead...a train blasted its horn at 6pm when it travelled down the tracks at the back of the houses just across the street. This noise woke them and they chatted a little. Their golden/orange halos circled their heads in the wind. They are such gorgeous looking birds in living colour with their spangled( almost sequined) mantles. Down on the ball park green 42 Canada geese nibbled the green grass. Among them flew fledgling Barn Swallows, House Finches, and House Sparrows. The latter had probably fledged from the base of the twiggy osprey nest for I could see them flitting in and out of the twigs.
The osprey chick/fledgling would leave the nest and make big loops around the ball field. There were five other light poles it could land on. It chose only two to spend time on. When it flew those big wings kept it airbourne and that was magnificent to watch. When the alpha chick landed back in the nest the other chick would shuffle up to its sibling, puff out its chest and push it against the new fledgling. They would look at each other intently. Rather cute to watch. I believe the alpha chick is a male as it has very little visible necklace. On the whole these two were relatively quiet. Gulls flying over were curious and would circle to take a look. No parents around until the sun was begining to drop down behind the bank of trees. Then ' wouldn't you know it " flies PAPA with a fish'. By this time I had given up and turned the car around and was begining to head down the street. The chick calls alerted me so I had to jump out of the car and grab my binoculars to watch the delivery. If only I has waited two more minutes.......I would have seen it all. The adult didn't stay long as it was set upon by the two chicks. It watched them from its favorite perch in the trees on the ridge. I decided not to wait around any longer to see if the female showed up.....presumably she will....
ElaineB 07/29/05 11:01 am Marie, Thanks for your wonderful description of the ospey chicks "play time." I been wondering what the chicks do when they are out and about. Your description was delightful to read!
Melanie 07/29/05 11:27 am I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who has developed a pavlovian response to an osprey call!

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