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Thread subject: Canoeing the Carmens
Name Date Message
Nancy L 08/01/05 09:27 am Canoed all the way from Montauk Hwy to the marina at the end of Beaver Dam Rd. It was my first time, although my husband has done it many times. Got a good view of the osprey nest that is along the Wertheim walking path. At least 2 chicks in there sqwuaking away as a parent flew around the nest area with no food to give. I wanted to see "our" nest, but maybe I was too low in the canoe - just couldn't see it. We paddled to the end of the marina & still didn't see it.Lots of people fishing & crabbing at the end of B.D.Rd. It took us @ 2 hours to paddle down & back.
karen 08/01/05 10:06 am Sounds wonderful did you rent or bring you own canoe? If you rented what was the name of the shop?
Marie 08/01/05 12:06 pm How lovely Nancy..what else did you see on your travels?
Nancy L 08/01/05 12:41 pm Our own canoe- my husband owns 2 canoes & 3 kayaks: never can have enough!? We leave one canoe at our son's house, which has a creek (Motts Creek) in the back yard where they can go directly from their yard, out the creek & into Bellport Bay. At times, they have put in at Montauk highyway on the Carmens, canoed (kayaked) down to the bay & up Motts Ck to Pete's house (our son.) Pete takes his girls out to the bay & over to the Bellport marina where they play at the playground, & then canoe back home.

Yesterday, we saw: a cormorant fishing (we came within 3 feet of it when it dove underwater), snowy egrets, osprey, swans with adolescent young, geese, a few varied ducks (sorry, no i.d. book with me),many swallows (barn?) - we rode through 3 insect hatches & the swallows were just flying through, eating. Under one bridge (we went under 4) we could see the nests and the young flying about. Also, of course, the many red-winged blackbirds & gulls. We also saw a large snapping turtle. AND, a large sail boat which came up the river a short ways and anchored, and the guy took off in a little powered skiff.

You can rent a kayak (maybe a canoe?) at Glacier Bay Sports which is right on the Carmens on Montauk Hwy. in Brookhaven - (631) 286-0567. My husband does business with them. They have a dock where you can put in. I believe if you get a season permit ($10?) you can put in there anytime with your own canoe.
Marie 08/02/05 12:12 am Those are some beautiful birds Nancy especially the snowy egrets. They have lovely black legs and bright YELLOW FEET. Lucky girl! I need to do more activities on the water.
karen 08/02/05 08:55 am Thanks for info ... hoping to get out on the river in Sept ...
RonS 08/02/05 09:30 am Nancy, I've been toying with the idea of renting from Clacier Bay once I've healed enoughl How were the bugs?
Thanks, RonS
Nancy L 08/02/05 10:15 am Ron, even though there were plenty of bugs on shore, out on the river there seem to be none. Passing through the hatches was no bother. Probably the breeze keeps them away - more breeze the closer you get to the bay. There is an island called Indian Island where you can beach the canoe & get out. That's where the bugs were. Thankfully I had put on plenty of "Off." Indian Is. is how far I had gone the very first time (which must have been 5-6 years ago). Beaver Dam Road is not far after Indian Is.
Karen - hopefully less bugs in Sept.
Madeline 08/02/05 01:37 pm Nancy, I can't say I've canoed out to Indian Is. but I have played golf there. The scenery is beautiful, and plenty of swans, hawks and other sea birds in the area. Long Is. is so fortunate to have such beautiful shore lines full of all sorts of nature, including plenty of deer, Haven';t seen any on Indian Is. though.
Nancy L 08/02/05 03:10 pm Sorry, Madeline, but this Indian Island, is not that Indian Island! The one with the golf course is over past Riverhead, isn't it? This is just a small wooded island that you can walk around in 5 or 10 minutes - out in the Carmens River in Brookhaven hamlet. I can tell you are an avid golfer (as is my son, Pete).

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