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Thread subject: Rutland Water Visit
Name Date Message
Zara 08/02/05 02:52 pm Well I did it! Lovely sunny day so thought what the heck and went off to Rutland Water... all by myself. I arrived at about 2pm. Today they released 7E, 7J and 7N, the flap was dropped at 11am. At 1.30, 7J took her first flight, heading north. At 4.30pm when I left there was still no sign of her and the rangers were a little worried to say the least. They said perhaps she had headed back home!! If I see her in a couple of weeks when I go off to Bonnie Scotland I will let you all know. 7E and 7N remained sitting, flapping and ready but reluctant to go, they were still there when I left. 7A 7B and 7C, which were released last Friday were visible and using the artificial nest, sited near the pens on Lax Hill. It was great to see and hear Ospreys calling out for real instead of coming out of the computer!! There are still 4 waiting to be released and judging by all the flapping going on in the pens it should not be too long! These birds are 7P, 7R and 7S the other is just called No 33 for now.(7 R and 7S are the orphans) The famous bachelor 08(97) paid a visit whilst I was there, no doubt looking for a 'new bird'... sorry couldn't resist that!! Well he certainly has enough to choose from now providing they don't all head off home when released! Been there, saw them AND got the DVD. I had a great time and will try and go again next week. Zara.
Nancy L 08/02/05 03:01 pm Glad you had a good time. How far is it from your home?
Zara 08/02/05 03:06 pm Probably about 15 miles, not far!
Tiger 08/02/05 04:07 pm Awwww Zara I am so envious. I am getting up thee soon before the fun is over.
Celeste 08/02/05 08:06 pm Sounds wonderful Zara, glad you had a successful osprey visit!
Marie 08/02/05 11:09 pm I should hope that you would try again was a great day that you, I and Pam had at Rutland in late April. It was a pleasant ride up from London by train. Remember? Perhaps you might connect with Zara and Pam and go as a Trio. ;-) After all you all have a common interest and it would be fun to see all those young translocation fledglings from Scotland.

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