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Thread subject: Its a Boy !
Name Date Message
Mickey 08/02/05 06:06 pm August 2: It's a Boy!

This morning, Mei left the cub at 8:10 to get a drink of water and eat some bamboo for several minutes in the nearby indoor exhibit. While she was urinating and defecating, we closed the den door to assess Mei's reaction. Since Mei did not react to the door being closed, we went to retrieve the cub for its first exam. We were wobbly kneed with excitement.

At the cub's first exam, conducted by Dr. Sharon Deem, associate veterinarian, Laurie Perry, animal keeper, and Lisa Stevens, assistant curator, we learned that it's a boy! He looks healthy, weighs 1.82 pounds (825.7 grams), and has a total body length of 12 inches (30 cm). We were able to get a heart rate and respiration. The cub was very quiet during the nine-minute exam, and let out only one squawk when its mouth was examined. It is very solid and sturdy and extremely cute.

Mei Xiang was given access to her cub at 8:36 a.m. During the exam, she had been anxious, standing up and pawing at the door, and attempting to open the window. When the door was opened, she immediately retrieved the cub and examined it. She settled down quickly, curling up in her favorite position, enveloping the cub between her body and the wall, and went to sleep. What a morning for all of us!

Yesterday evening, Mei Xiang left the cub to eat twice. She listened intently to the cub while she ate just outside the den doorway. One ear seems always to be turned in the cub's direction.

check out the nests diary ! The most amazing fact to me and there are several is that in the wild, the Mother will stay with her baby for close to a month! She wont eat,drink,pee or poop.
This mother didnt leave her boy for I think 2.5 weeks and even then it was for several minutes.

this is perfect for empty nest syndrome :)
Barbara Mc 08/02/05 06:58 pm I'm addicted to this site! Been watching for a couple of weeks and last night was the first time I saw the new "Big Boy". I love him already.
Nancy L 08/02/05 08:03 pm I also have been watching and today got the best, complete view of the little guy!
Marie 08/03/05 12:19 am The streaming video at this hour of mother panda cradling her baby boy is priceless. What a sweet and gentle creature MeiXiang is.
Thanks Mickey...helps fill the void that is growing bigger each day.
Celeste 08/03/05 05:53 am Thanks Mickey, at this moment also, the mother panda continues to cuddle her baby! I echo Marie re the void!
Zara 08/03/05 02:24 pm I just looked in on this site... BRILLIANT!!! I was really lucky and got a good look at the baby being cuddled/cleaned by it's Mum. Thanks for sharing this info. This site never ceases to amaze me, how lucky I am to have found it. (Via Tiger on BBC site) Thanks to all.
Marie 08/03/05 04:45 pm of course during the day time hours I can't get a look as too many people watching.
Celeste 08/03/05 07:27 pm Same for me today, my only peek was before 6am New York time.....
Marie 08/04/05 02:24 am It is really wonderful to see how this panda mother craddles her baby. She responds to his every grunt , groan and shreak. Night time viewing is so great from BC.
Mickey 08/04/05 10:17 am go here.theres never any wait to see the cam
Zara 08/04/05 05:46 pm Thanks, that is so much quicker, will probably get jammed up due to all the people I have passed this info on to.I am hooked on panda's now, that baby is so sweet.

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