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Thread subject: Amazing developments at Rutland
Name Date Message
Tiger 08/03/05 01:14 pm There has been an amazing development at Rutland. The unringed female has been supplying fist to the released chicks.

Now this is a first as far as I know.
Tiger 08/03/05 01:39 pm See:

The translocation diary, 2005

July was an extra-ordinary month for the Rutland Osprey Project with young female Ospreys being moved from Scotland, held in pens and then released. The July story and pictures can be found by clicking here.

Right, and below, we pick up events from the start of August.

7A, 7B and 7C on AN1, the artificial nest
beside the release pens on Lax Hill
Monday 1 August: a foster mother?

The four young Ospreys released on Friday were carefully monitored over the weekend, both visually and by means of tail-mounted radios. 7A, 7B and 7C were spending most time on the artificial nest, AN1, while 7D preferred a perch on the other side of the wood on Lax Hill. There had been quite a lot of aggression shown towards them by 08(97), the non-breeding male and also, initially by U4, an unringed female that has been associating with 08 in recent weeks.

On Saturday evening, and then again three times yesterday, there was an amazing turn of events - - - the unringed female brought fish and dropped it into the artificial nest! Presumably the food-begging calls of the juveniles had sparked her maternal instincts.

This must be good news for the project - the youngsters are not needing to return to take the fish that we are putting out regularly on top of the pens and are receiving fish of different types and in the more natural surroundings of a nest. But also, it must increase the chances that this adult female will associate Rutland with breeding and return, perhaps to AN1, next year.

Roy Dennis is delighted at this turn of events. He has seen similar "fostering" on rare occasions in Scotland, but it is pretty clear that translocated birds have never received this benefit before.

The less good news was that 7D seems to have disappeared. She probably fed from the pens overnight but, throughout the day, there has been no sign of her. There was only a very weak short burst from her radio at mid-day suggesting that she may have been well to the west. Subsequent use the yagi (radio receiver) from many local hill tops and ridges revealed no further transmissions.

Tuesday 2 August: more Ospreys released

Careful observation of the behaviour of those Ospreys still in the pens has suggested that 7E, 7J and 7N are now ready for release. Yesterday afternoon they were taken from the pens and the development of their tail feathers confirmed that they were ready to go, so radios were mounted on their tails.
Then this morning, with TV cameras and other members of the press in attendance, the pen front was opened. It was a VERY long wait but eventually in mid afternoon 7J flew off and away to the north. One of those that were released earlier joined her for a while as she explored over the Hambleton peninsula and then over the town of Oakham. She became lost to sight but her radio confirmed her direction and position, as she eventually landed in a distant wood where she stayed till evening.

The flights of 7N and 7E were delayed still further, but eventually they took to the air, landing quite awkwardly but safely in the trees on Lax Hill. There, 7E was treated to a fierce session of dive-bombing from 08, presumably trying to drive her off. But 7E, very sensibly, remained on her perch, ducking as 08's outstretched talons whistled past again and again.

Still no sign of 7D today.

At least 3 more fish were delivered by U4.

The pen is open .... the Ospreys sit (29 July)
Wednesday 3 August

John Wright was up at 5:30 with the yagi, checking on the positions of the three birds released yesterday. 7J was still in the wood to the north and 7N and 7E still safely on Lax Hill. They later transferred to the artificial nest from where it is easier to withstand 08's attentions.
By mid afternoon 7J had returned to Lax Hill, U4 had delivered yet another fish and Tim Mackrill had gone on another expedition with the yagi to try to locate 7D's radio.

Zara 08/03/05 02:36 pm Suggest you go and visit before 'The Birdwatching Fair! ' It is busy on weekdays so goodness knows what it will be like during that event. We are off to Dornoch for two weeks on 13th August so I will miss out being on-line and keeping up with all the news. Will probably take a lap top but connection there is So Slow, and very expensive. We learnt the hard way, connected via my BT chargecard whilst staying near Loch Fyne, the bill was £125.00!!! £25 for a photo from a friend in Australia, so won't be doing that again.
Tiger 08/03/05 03:13 pm Yes I am thinking about going. Not sure when though.
Tiger 08/03/05 03:21 pm Zara

I have an osprey forum of my own at:
Zara 08/03/05 04:23 pm Der... Don't understand this!!!!! When I copied this link I either got, which said win a streetka or The DPOF site message board. What do I do then?? Remember I am NOT that good on computers, trying in more ways than one! Please explain in easyspeakonestepatatime English. Ta. :)
Marie 08/03/05 04:43 pm Wow Tiger that is so interesting.foster Mom feeding the little ones....great news.
Tiger 08/03/05 06:04 pm Say "no thanks" to any offers and it will take you to Delphiforums.

Zara 08/04/05 03:47 am Said "no thanks" and got it, so thanks for that. See it's easy when you know how, I just didn't know you know!! :)))
Tiger 08/04/05 05:36 am Everything is easy when you know how!

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