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Thread subject: Pam, Tiger, Zara?
Name Date Message
AnneW 08/03/05 05:22 pm Have you seen the fantastic picture of an osprey on the front cover of this months 'BIRDWATCHING' magazine? Also a closeup of the feet on page 15. If only I was as clever as you Pam, I'd scan it and post it for everyone to see.
Tiger 08/03/05 06:03 pm No but I will be having a look as soon as possible.
Marie 08/04/05 12:21 am oooh that sounds like a magazine I should have!
Tiger 08/04/05 02:08 am Ok Marie since you are first to ask! :)
Marie 08/04/05 02:27 am oooooh Thanks Tiger......... you are up late.
and I am off to sleep... Baby Panda watching is addictive ...;-)
Zara 08/04/05 03:17 am Off to the shops later!! Would you be allowed to scan and post it?copyright etc??
Tiger 08/04/05 03:35 am Who said anything about copying it?? I will just get her a copy and send it. Mind you I sent that wonderful mag a year ago and I never heard of it mentioned again :) That was the one about 50 years of ospreys in Scotland.

Mind you Marie came over to the UK and gave me a mag which she had an article published.

I am trying to put my hand on it but cannot do so right now.

We also had a wonderful day out at Rutland with Pam.
Tiger 08/04/05 03:37 am Marie why do you think I am up late?? In fact I am up early.

It is you people in Victoria keep your clocks 8 hours slow! :)

Zara 08/04/05 03:51 am I just assumed when AnneW said she would 'scan and post it for all to see' she meant post a pic on here somewhere.
Zara 08/04/05 05:20 am P.S. Tiger, were you growling at me when you answered my question. :(
Tiger 08/04/05 05:29 am Not at all Zara! :)

It is the cyberspace that filters out the body language!
Marie 08/04/05 09:31 am Tiger I wrote and thanked you for that magazine you sent me. You have just FORGOTTEN.......I loved the article. It still sits on my magazine table.
It is your age you know.........LOL
You are RIGHT..we on the west coast just can't keep up with countries on the east coast. After all we are very laid back and travel at a slower pace...... ;-) yOU were UP so early.
Tiger 08/04/05 10:57 am Aww are making me feel old now!

Madeline 08/04/05 02:18 pm AnneW, Tiger, Marie, Zara Did I leave anyone out? if you go to the Black Water Refuge Osprey Cam, Go into the Web Log, and click on Fishing Expert and you'll see a pictue of those hugh talons, click on the thumbnail. OR go to hope I did this right, if not please forgive me?
AnneW 08/04/05 02:30 pm Madeline, these are fantastic. Thank you for telling us about this site.
Tiger 08/04/05 03:18 pm Madeline I think the URl is:

I think that there is a typing mistakes in the URL quoted. Computers hate spelling errors :)

Yes the slash is in the wrong place.

AnneW 08/04/05 03:59 pm I have started to transpose letters so nowadays I just go to the main site mentioned and find the page from there. However this tactic did not work for the Dumfries site so I am going to have to concentrate.
AnneW 08/04/05 03:59 pm I have started to transpose letters so nowadays I just go to the main site mentioned and find the page from there. However this tactic did not work for the Dumfries site so I am going to have to concentrate.
Tiger 08/04/05 04:46 pm But Anne you should copy and paste.....not type.
Zara 08/04/05 04:49 pm GRRRRRRRRR!!!!! :) :)
Marie 08/04/05 04:55 pm Love those talons up close and personal.
Tiger 08/04/05 05:22 pm Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

You see Zara a public notice board is not the place to express all the subtleties that one requires??

Tiger 08/04/05 05:25 pm Marie I was looking for that magazine today but could not find it. I will find it soon as soon as I do it will be winging its way to you.
Zara 08/04/05 05:39 pm I couldn't get the magazine either, my daughter is going to look in Nottingham tomorrow, do you want some extra copies if she can get it. XX :))

I am an 'old bird' 50 next year ... so one has to make allowances. Subtle, not a word my friends would use when describing me. Wish you could see the smile on my face now as I am typing!
AnneW 08/04/05 05:49 pm Doh - I never thought of copy and paste.
Zara 08/04/05 05:50 pm I am only jesting. Really, really appreciate all the information you and others on this site have given me. Such enthusiasm is a rare thing these days.
Celeste 08/04/05 07:58 pm I have enjoyed reading all of the above.... What a small world we have become don't you think? Oh and Zara, I like to think of "us" as worldly "cool" experienced birds.....
Madeline 08/05/05 12:14 am Thanks Tiger for making the correction to the Black water site. And I do accept the slap on the hand for bad typing and copying skills. LOL Wish I knew how to copy and paste. One of these days it might happen
Marie 08/05/05 01:17 am Don't worry Madeline, even I haven't mastered that!
Many other things too on the computer.

Thank you TIGER........I know you will find some copies...;-)
Tiger 08/05/05 02:10 am Madeline...assuming that you are on a draw he cursor across the URL and ....right click on the bring up a menu. One of the choices is COPY...this copies the URL to the clipboard.....then go to where you want to paste it.....then right again to give the paste menu......

Try and see......and come back with any problms.

Tiger 08/05/05 02:11 am Awww Celeste I think that is a wonderful description!

Remember how I had to take the bird test in the disant past... :)

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