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Thread subject: Tim's Photos
Name Date Message
AnneW 08/04/05 06:11 am Could anyone please post the web page ref to Tim's photos of the nest please. I forgot to bookmark last night.
Tim P 08/04/05 06:46 am Hi Anne,

Have a good day!
Madeline 08/04/05 01:16 pm Tim, went to your site for the first time, and the phots are magnificent, How do you get thoses? You should go and check-out the nests at W Sayville golf course; naturally when it isn't so crowded, early evening. The is one nest on a platform at the Tee on the 3rd hole. and another one between the 6th and 7th in a tree. The one on the tree you can probably see from Montauk Hwy, I'm only as good as a disposable camera. LOL
Shelley 08/04/05 02:03 pm Oh Madeline, thank you, thank you, for saying that!! I am digitally-challenged and I should probably own stock in Fuji disposable cameras!! LOL! If they ever become obsolete, I'm finished...;-p
AnneW 08/04/05 02:56 pm Tim, your pictures are great. Are they digiscoped? Also, do we know which chick was airborne?
Zara 08/04/05 05:04 pm Tim, what sort of camera do you use?? I have a Cannon EOS 300V and a lens thingy that says 75-300mm on it, don't really know how to use it properly!! The pics I have taken are not that good. Also have a little 'point and shoot' (suits me) Olympus C-50.Have been looking at various cameras and the favourite digital one here seems to be the Olympus EOS 20D. Any suggestions please as your photos are excellent. Thanks.
Tim P 08/04/05 10:36 pm Hello,
Madeline, can I get on the golf course without golfing? I can’t hit the ball straight to save my life.
I have seen the nest from Montauk hgwy.
Zara, I'm using a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ20 without the telephoto lens attachment. Hope to get it though.
Shelley, My technically challenged friend, hang in there kiddo.
Since your camera is digital it is very affordable to make mistakes and delete the bad photos. Once you get the camera down you’ll need to practice slithering around on your belly in order to get the photo just right. Im going out for some relaxation with the camera on Friday, wish me luck.
Madeline 08/05/05 12:00 am Tim, Yes you can get on the golf course without golfing, but listen for the word " FORE" and get ready to duck! It's best to be there before 6:30 am on weekdays before the first tee time, or after 6pm. Mondays are tournement day, so you might be able to get on the course during the morning hours. Good Luck, remember there are 2 nests

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