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Thread subject: Rutland Water visit 2
Name Date Message
Zara 08/08/05 11:50 am Well, I went all on my own again today to Rutland Water. (Aaah)

A beautiful sunny day here, perfect osprey viewing weather.

From the viewing point towards Lax Hill, I saw 7J,E and G all feeding on the feeding platform close to the release pens. (Cat, the volunteer helper told me which were which!)Still in the pens are no 33, which is in a pen on it's own as it has not been too well and is quite a bit smaller than the other three.7P,R and S may be released THIS Thursday, August 11th. The resident male 08(97) was once again taking a look at all the new 'birds'!!
An unringed female they call 04 which has been frequently dropping fish off in the artificial nest near to the pens was there for all to see again today. It was sad really as there were no ospreys in the nest so she flew round and round with a large brown trout. Eventually went off hopefully enjoyed the meal herself.

From the hides I watched a young coot follow a grass snake through the water, it tried to catch it several times but failed, think it was trying to bite off more than it could chew there!

That's all for now. It's our 25th wedding anniversary tomorrow, going to Scotland for two weeks on Friday, so a busy time ahead for me.

BFN. Zara
Tiger 08/08/05 12:31 pm That is great news Zara. I am itching to go myself.

rick s. 08/08/05 04:21 pm Happy anniversary Zara!
Pam 08/08/05 04:30 pm Thanks for the report Zara - good osprey viewing it seems. I wish you had let me know you were going we could have met up. I was thinking how lovely it would be there today - great weather, bright and breezy. Did you know Prince Phillip was there a couple of days after your last visit? Now if he had opened the hide door wouldn't you have been surprised ! I am hoping to visit again quite soon. Congratulations on your Silver Wedding Anniversary and have a great time in Scotland. Maybe you will see the sea eagles.
Celeste 08/08/05 05:10 pm Happy 25! Anniversary!!!! Congratulations!
Kathy 08/08/05 05:13 pm Happy25th!!
Zara 08/08/05 05:25 pm Thanks for all the wishes... scary to think I have been married for more than half my life!!! However I did marry the boy who lived next door and met him when I was 11...aaah
Tiger 08/08/05 05:31 pm My neighbour is celebrating 40 years of marriage today!
Mickey 08/08/05 07:43 pm happy 25th !
Marie 08/08/05 08:08 pm Good reporting Zara from Rutland......such a great place. Too bad the young fledglings weren't around to take that fish that the unringed female brought home to her adopted family. Lets hope they are catching their own fish by now. Happy 25th and enjoy Scotland.
Nancy L 08/09/05 09:56 am Happy Anniversary & many more! We're approaching our 44th in a few months. Have a great time in Scotland!

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