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Thread subject: Four chicks fledge at Peebles
Name Date Message
Tiger 08/08/05 12:30 pm It has happened. Errol has fledged to prove that a fourth chick gets pecked a bit but can make it.

Vicki in S. CA. 08/08/05 12:58 pm Speaking of birds in the UK - I will be in Scotland and Britain for two weeks beginning October 24th. One week near Edinburgh, one week in what is called Bronte Country. We will have a car. Any hints? I have the Scottish Seabird Center planned and it looks like St. Abb's head may be good. What else should I put on the agenda? Would appreciate input from all you Brits.
Vicki in S. CA. 08/08/05 12:59 pm Oops - I meant I am coming September 24th! And I am hoping for some sun. Perhaps I am too much of a dreamer there?
Tiger 08/08/05 02:05 pm No great bird colonies near Edinburgh that I know of. Mind you Edinburgh itself is great.

Be sure to see Greyfriars Bobby. Se he now has his own website!

Have a drink in Deacon Brodies and savour the history.

Tiger 08/08/05 02:13 pm No trip to Edinburgh would be comlete without "Burke and Hare".
Marie 08/08/05 04:38 pm I would look up RSPB ( Royal society for the protection of birds) . Search Scotland and there are a number of bird places to visit that will be in your location while on a visit to Scotland. Most , if not all of the sea-bird nesting colonies will have left the clifts and be back out on the ocean after their breeding season. I am sure if you head north to the Inverness area you might just stumble upon Loch Garten, Speyside, or even Loch of the Lowes, where they have been supplying Rutland in England with translocated young osprey chicks.
Tiger's idea of the PUBS might be worth investigating too.
Pam 08/08/05 05:05 pm Vicki: Have not been to Edinburgh myself but now I have looked at the official website at: --- I want to go. The website has a good search facility and there is so much to do you will be spoilt for choice. If you type Bronte Country into your search engine that also comes up with a lot of interesting stuff. Hope you get nice weather, makes such a difference. We will be heading the other way to Washington State and British Columbia in September. Looking forward to meeting up with Marie in Victoria !
Pam 08/08/05 05:18 pm Sorry Tiger, a bit of sidetracking above ! Thank you for the link and as you say, good news indeed. Four fledglings must be quite rare ? I love the "resident runt" bit. The videos are very good and with all Haven's screeching perhaps if someone turned him upside down and attached him to a pair of scales he would shut up for a while :))) Have added the page to "Favs".
Tiger 08/08/05 05:31 pm I spent more than six years in Edinburgh. It is where I was at Uni.

The Castle and Arthur's seat are musts!
Vicki in S. CA. 08/08/05 07:55 pm Tiger, at Uni means "in college"?
Thanks for the ideas and of course pubs are always on my list.
Marie 08/08/05 08:04 pm UNI means UNIVERSITY......he/TIGER is our resident proff. ;-) Edingburgh University is one of the best in the British Isles I believe, a very wll to-do Uni. Go to be intelligent to go there. Ha HA.!

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