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Thread subject: All this Haven Talk
Name Date Message
Mickey 08/09/05 07:51 pm None of us know.
Maybe Bettys left? Leaving Dennis to teach them to fish.
Maybe what we`re seeing is the inexperience of Dennis not able to teach Haven to fish?
Maybe Haven needs to feel the pain of hunger to get his own fish.
Matt 08/09/05 07:55 pm Or maybe Haven is just the typical whiner/complainer?
Shelley 08/09/05 10:24 pm Yeah, there's one in every family.... ;-p
Marie 08/10/05 01:10 am LOL.........
I do suppose that Betty has left. I haven't seen her at all of late. If Haven doesn't get busy and learn this very important skill he is almost a gonner! He'll need the skill of catching fish to survive that arduous migration he must undertake.
Sad to see the break up of this family we have watched so closely.
Celeste 08/10/05 05:28 am I would agree....according to Carpentieri, the female leaves in early-mid August.....(yet in Blackwater, Lisa the Webmaster mentioned yesterday that the male has not been doing a good job of supplying fish and the female has been bringing fish to the newly fledged chicks so females in that area must leave a bit later)....also, I have also read that young ospreys in hacking towers, have learned to fish without a parent showing them (instinct)......once again, sad but true, "survival of the fittest"......and so "our" empty nest season begins............
Melanie 08/10/05 11:30 am Don't forget that the Blackwater nest got a later start than we did - As of last Friday (and the storm), they still have (or had) a chick that has yet to fledge.
Mickey 08/10/05 05:34 pm Theres no cause for alarm right now either. Bluebeard stayed at his nest area till September 26th last year to help a juvie learn to fish. He was then in South America on October 21st. Think about that.
I just read they tagged 2 more birds this year.'05.htm
Marie 08/10/05 09:38 pm Checked it out Mickey........good to see two more we can follow. Guess Bluebeard was just too late for the breeding season this year or his mate just chose another male. He tarried too long playing in his winter playground before the urge to mate came on strong. A lesson for all males in the osprey world. ;-)
Tiger 08/10/05 11:36 pm Oh Marie are you saying that our Bluebeard was just a bit too exhausted for proper tilting in the spring? Just because the eggs did not hatch does not mean it was our Bluebeard's fault. The eggs could have failed for a whole number of reasons.

But you are right ospreys seem to learn from their mistakes. In 2002 old S18 did not make the same mistake he made in 2001 and arrived back at his nest pronto.


We await with bated breath to see if our Henry at Loch Garten will learn from his 2004 mistake and get back from Africa in better time. He now knows that it is hard to persuade a female to lay a second clutch of eggs no matter how many fish she gets. He also knows that smashing the eggs cause the female to go into one big sulk.

We know that the female EJ does not seem to learn as she always keeps hankering after the ex-husband orange VS who lets her down regular!

I am sorry to hear that old Bluebeard did not add to the genetic pool this year. Seem like old Butterfingers should feed a tad guilty if he is alive. A bit unlikely. Given his lack of skill at fishing.

Now doubt we will hear about all of this when the BBC release their film about migration.

It is great news that we got two new birds to track. They will keep us interested for another while.
Thanks for alerting us to that Mickey.

And Marie I guess that Bluebeard's experience is a lesson for all of us males not just ospreys!


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