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Thread subject: Rutland Water Ospreys
Name Date Message
Pam 08/10/05 05:14 pm Had a much closer view of Lax Hill and the pen today now that they have set up a tent with telescopes. Four fledglings in the pen, three due to be released tomorrow. Lucky enough to see two or three "free" ospreys too. We were not near enough to take any photos without a zoom lens but you could see easily through binoculars. At one point an adult bird landed briefly on the man-made nest and took off with a stolen fish, which had probably been dropped off by the female who is still leaving fish for the chicks. This amused the warden very much. We saw two adults following one another and circling higher and higher before flying away. The chicks in the pen could be heard faintly from where we were, a very familiar sound for me now, and were really spreading their wings. They are ready and eager to go. Another bird, the warden thought one of the freed fledglings, made one inexperienced attempt to land on the nest and failed but it came back and sat for ages eating from the nest. It was still there when we left. The wardens have phone contact with each other and give a "heads up" when the birds are moving into view and, as Zara said before, it was fairly busy with a coachload of people just leaving the osprey viewing point as we arrived, but they shut up shop at 5 p.m. and it was pretty peaceful after that and we sat a while in the late afternoon sunshine just enjoying the quiet. There are always plenty of other birds to see and I spotted a buzzard chasing after another small bird - it didn't catch it! We had a really nice time but after watching our webcam it all seems so distant. However, I really feel that I have learned a lot about ospreys in the last two years and have enjoyed it all so much. Many thanks to DPOF.
Marie 08/10/05 05:45 pm Thanks for the ÃPDATE' Pam, on Rutland . Certainly ospreys much more visible than that day we visited in late April or early May. I can't imagine coach loads of people.........I would hate that. Part of the whole experience is to soak up the peaceful environment and really connect with nature. I think we were able to do that the time we visited as there were so few people around.
Glad you had a great day out to see ospreys.
Zara 08/11/05 02:46 am Pam,
Pleased to see you had a good time. Yes, you do get a good view through the telescopes they have set up. There were only two other people in the tent on my last visit, glad there were not coachloads! Do you know if you can go in after closing time?? I don't go at the weekend, too many people and as Marie said, I wouid not like that one bit.
They should be releasing three more today, just wish I had the time to go over. Ah well hope the Scotland ones are still around.
I usually get up to watch the sunrise (only have to open the patio curtains, the colours on the sea are fantastic) I also open the doors to hear the buzzards, then off down to Loch Fleet and The Mound. Good photo's of both can be seen at ;
The ospreys nest in the pine trees on private land at the rear of the mound and come to fish in Loch Fleet. They also sit at the back of the mound on the dead trees at the edge of the Loch. It was there I got a really good look at three perched in different trees all in a line... didn't know whhch to look at first! Not long now.........
Celeste 08/11/05 05:39 am Thank you Zara and Pam......this site never ceases to amaze me even after 3 years. Who would have ever thought 3 years ago when we first observed, what a community of people we would become!
Pam 08/11/05 08:06 am Zara: In answer to your question - you can get to the hides and pathways after closing time so with a good pair of binocs you can see from the Osprey Tent area, nice wooden seat to sit on too. A few people were still arriving in the car park as we left at about 6.15 pm. Also, if you carry on past the Osprey Tent, past the next hide on the left, there is a path which might take you even nearer Lax Hill. It was too late for us to explore yesterday. Please allow us to see your photos from Loch Fleet - have a wonderful time.
Celeste: when I first came to this site I was rather daunted by the very knowledgable Celeste and Cecelia and the other "regulars" (you know who you are). I thought it was a bit of a closed community but everyone is made so welcome. I know quite a few "lurkers" - people that also look in at the cam but never post messages, so I have a feeling the community is much bigger than we realise.
Zara 08/11/05 11:48 am Thanks Pam I did wonder. Someone told me if you carry on walking instead of going left at the last bit towards Lax Hill, you may get to see the young Osprey fishing. It was too late for me to explore that day and also looked a bit of a lonely path... That path probably meets up with the one you mentioned but from the other side. I sat on the wooden bench you mentioned before going into the tent.
I will do my best with Loch Fleet photos too... even if I have to 'post' them in an envelope!!
Tiger 08/12/05 03:20 am Celeste I suggested to Rutland about five years agao that they establish a forum. They did not listen!

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