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Thread subject: New photos uploaded
Name Date Message
Pam 08/13/05 07:00 am Well, reference message below, here are the photos. A mixed bunch with quite a few seagulls and seagull chicks but no eagles this time, hurriedly loaded so you may have seen one or two of them before but something to look at when there's nothing doing :)
Go to:
Madeline 08/13/05 07:29 am Pam, thanks for the wonderful slide show, Where did you shoot these? You looked like you were pretty close to your subjects. But then, If you know how to use a camera correctly it would be a big advantage. Great Job!
Pam 08/13/05 08:01 am LOL Madeline, I was about 6000 miles away in England (in front of my computer). They are captures from the website. When it is up and running they have a controllable cam and because we are eight hours timewise in front of them I can get control when it is just dawn. Unfortunately the cam is down for maintenance just now. Did you look at the other photos? you get to them by clicking the "Back to my photos" link. There are lots of pics of eagles in there.
Vicki in S. CA. 08/13/05 11:36 am Fantastic pics Pam! Sometimes when I am watching Race Rocks I know it is you controlling the camera because you are very adept at it. I sure miss it now. Hope it will be up soon. It seems this year there were never the great numbers of seals and sea lions as I saw last year.
Shelley 08/13/05 12:16 pm Beautiful, Pam, thank you. Now, I should probably know this but what are those birds with the bright red feet? Numbers A813, 814, 815? They don't look quite like gulls or quite like geese or ducks, to me but I don't really know
Pam 08/13/05 12:23 pm The birds are pigeon guillemots Shelley and there were lots of them there when I last looked in. Vicki - I agree with you regarding the numbers of seals and sealions - not much opportunity to photograph them close either because they have kept away from the jetty mostly.
Marie 08/13/05 12:32 pm Fantastic Pam as usual. you sure have the knak of CAPTURE. Love all those adult displaying Pigeon the Pelagic cormorant with the nesting material in its bill. We have our troubles here with the Canada geese too as you can see from Pams pics. Remember this is my area where I live. Race rocks is not far from here.'The sandpiper maybe a young Rock sandpiper but it is hard to tell. Love those baby gull chicks especially the one on its own with its shadow cast on the rock behind it. It appears to be looking off into the distant future contemplating its fate.
Thanks for sharing, Pam
Anne 08/13/05 01:58 pm Oh - the pigeon guillemots are just like the black guillemots we see in Scotland. They have a vivid vermillion gape to match their feet. Are they the same species?
Madeline 08/13/05 02:18 pm Thanks Pam for bringing to my attention all the other albums. I[ve looked over several of them, but it was nice to see pictures if Tiger, Marie and of course yourself. Now I can see the faces of some of the people I talk to, not just words.Awsome!

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