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Thread subject: Nuts about NATURE.
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Marie 08/13/05 11:24 pm One can only be considered nuts when one spends so much time watching birds, baby pandas and whales. On and off all day I have been glued to the computer,( good thing to do on a day off) however, I took off and spent three hours at two of my osprey sites this afternoon.
As I have said before, nest # 1 has two fledged chicks. I motored over to that site and thought that no one was home. Not an osprey to be seen initially. Didn't take long to hop out of the car which I had parked up on the ridge and pan the area with my binoculars. Hardly a minute went by when out of the trees flew a noisy juvenile strait to the lamp post closest to me. Its parent, the male was high on his favorite perch. I hadn't noticed him earlier. Wasn't long before # 1 juvenile flew to the nest. He had seen mother in the distance flying in with a fish. Following her was the other juvenile, but #1 juv got to the fish first. Once the meal was secure in its talon it flew to the same light post closest to me. Meanwhile as this one feasted, mother flew off again and the chick in the nest called repeatedly. Mother returned with a large branch, much to the chagrin of the youngster. At this point Dad on the high perch flew off and returned in 20mins with a nice sized gold fish for the one in the nest. It flew to the same perch that had been vacated by the first juvenile. It was great to watch these two young ones devour their poor fish. They had their ''rip and twist'' manoeuvres down pat as they say. The gold fish was still wriggling while being eaten! Yikes this all happen soon after I arrived. The young ones flew off as did the female leaving the adult male once again high on his perch defending his territory.

Out at # 3 nest site..(# 2 isn't active this year)
The adult female was in the nest with the youngster. It just doesn't seem very active...I could hear some small calls for food from it and only twice did it stretch those big wings. It doesn't appear to be at the trampoline stage yet...perhaps because it is an only chick and doesn't have any other young to watch, it appears wary to me. The mother called only once for a few seconds when she saw a male with a fish circle several times in the distance. It didn't come near the nest but disappeared over the tops of the trees as though it was heading to the lagoon. I had to leave at this point so didn't see if indeed this male osprey was her mate. He may have gone somewhere to devour the head before returning to the nest. I had a lovely time with these two families this afternoon.
Anne 08/14/05 05:54 am Oh Marie, you are so lucky to be able to drive out and watch the same nests regularly.
Pam 08/14/05 06:57 am Thank you Marie for a vivid description once more. I am just sorry that (all being well for the ospreys) they will all be gone by September when we come to visit.

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