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Thread subject: Brook?
Name Date Message
Mickey 08/14/05 02:34 pm Brook hasnt been seen in ages. Im curious at what you all think happened to her. Personally I find it strange that she hasnt been seen and think she`s died.
Pam 08/14/05 02:58 pm Oh Mickey - I hope your are wrong but it is a possibility in that when fishing she may have caught a fish too large to carry and could not let go and drowned - I am told this can happen. But let's just hope she put on her sun lotion, unpacked her sunhat and bikini and took off early to beat the rush!
Tiger 08/14/05 03:38 pm Negative evidence does not prove anything.

However there is a terrible attrition rate in young ospreys.

After four years of waiting we still have not seen the return of a single chick hatched in England.

Tim P 08/14/05 05:48 pm Saturday I was in the area of the nest and saw no osprey flying. The 2 Sunrise hgwy nests are vacant most of the day. The cell tower nest I observe is also vacant most of the day. Seems to me that adult females have taken wing and headed south. Juveniles have been seen in the above mentioned nests in the early evening and early morning. Nests that have fledged 3 young only have one evening resident. I wouldn't go as far as to declare the 2nd youngster from this nest dead, I’m guessing it has found a tree in the area and is fishing on its own.
Tiger 08/14/05 06:30 pm If Brook is still around you can be sure she is guzzling a fish.

Madeline 08/14/05 07:25 pm All this talk about the possibility of Brooks demise. It's bringing tears to my eyes and an ache in my heart. This is my first year at this, and watching Brook hatch and grow to fledge , makes her feel like a member of the family. Yes, I know these are wild birds and nature is cruel, the survival of the fittest. But; I do hope she is flapping she way down to Argentina with the rest of her kind. Enough of my blubbering. Let's have happy thoughts and hope for Brook.
Kathy 08/14/05 08:43 pm I hope you're wrong Mickey. I think she found a better place to "hang out." She probably got tired of listening to Haven constantly screeching
Melanie 08/15/05 10:05 am As much as we don't want to think about it, Brook going missing is a real possibility; one of our editors have found three juvies floating in her creek (the next creek up from me) over the past month.

Not to mention that as we have seen on Bierregard's website, chicks do move around an area before striking off for southern climes.
Marie 08/15/05 12:29 pm mmm that is a real reality check, Melanie.
You are right , perhaps Haven's calling has been a sign of loss as well as food demands. We have to accept she may not be around any longer.
Madeline 08/15/05 01:51 pm I think Tim was right about putting a name to the chicks. They are wild and not ours. Chick #1 and #2 are not as personal as, Brook and Haven, which makes them a being and not just a chick. Melanie, what do they think killed the chicks? Could it be polutted water? Hope not.
Melanie 08/15/05 05:06 pm Nope. Chesapeake Bay may be in tough shape right now what with out summer dead zones (depleted oxygen spots triggered by spring agricultural fertilizer runoff), but toxic polllution is not one if its problems. Two chicks were simply got knocked out of the nest somehow and were too young to fly . The nest was in the water (at least the pole holding up the platform was.) The third was about fledging size, so it may have been an inability to dig itself out of the water following a dive, or fell in before it could actually fly. Aspergilliosis may have also been a cause (common form of pneumonia for birds). Unless they get autopsied, you never really know.

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