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Thread subject: Osprey Migration
Name Date Message
karen 08/15/05 12:20 pm Rob Bierregaard has tagged 2 fledges this summer and you can watch them and Bluebeard migrate as this site posts the maps of the birds travels south. I enjoyed watching thier progress last year and imaging that "our" birds were taking similar paths. THis is link to the 2005 page:'05.htm

As for our 2005 birds I will only hope that all are well not wishing to imagine anything else!
Tiger 08/15/05 02:16 pm No chance of the Brookhaven fledges being tagged. That is not natural.

Tiger 08/15/05 03:15 pm No you have not offended me in the slightest. I am just letting you know the philosophy of keeping humans out of osprey affairs which is followed.

Me I love satellite tracking although I have some reservations about what it does to young birds.

Marie 08/15/05 03:44 pm I am like Tiger...half of me is soooooo curious as to where these birds go to and the distance covered, along with time it takes to do these migrations.............and the other half is very concerned as to whether the extra hard-ware they carry for the sake of tracking interferes with flights and their ultimate survival
Mickey 08/15/05 06:15 pm I wouldnt mind them being banded. But I know how I feel about them being fitted with tracking devices.I dont like it. Juvies have a hard enough time flying by themselves without slappin a tracking device on them.
Tiger 08/15/05 07:26 pm There definitely seems to be a problem with tagging juveniles.

On the other hand if you look at the Finnish ospreys some of their young ones have suvived ok with satellite transmitters.

Tiger 08/16/05 02:03 am Oh for the tracking of a young Finnish osprey name Mirja see:

RonS 08/16/05 08:38 am Also, specifically for "our" birds, the nest is on a Federal Wildlife refuge. Their policy is strictly one of "look but don't touch". That is followed even to the point that no work can be done on or near the cam until the osprey have migrated away from the site. However, personally I would love to have them banded so we could identify them on their return.
karen 08/16/05 08:56 am I agree that banding provides great information and have wondered why the birds in England and Scotland are all banded but here in the US I cannot think of any that are ... the transmitters do look very awkard and would appear to make flight harder but I do love watching those maps!
Tiger 08/16/05 10:35 am Did Melanie not go on a banding expedition?
karen 08/16/05 11:47 am Yes Tiger you are correct and I am brain dead since I have the CD of her pics sitting right here next to my desk! So I wonder if the organization that did that banding will have a site that reports on the coming and goings of the banded birds the way your sites do ... I am really amazed by the diaries and many volounteers at the Scottish/English sites.

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