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Thread subject: Canadian Osprey
Name Date Message
Celeste 08/18/05 05:45 pm Just returned from Jones Falls, Ontario, Canada....
The 130 year old Hotel Kenney I stay at is on the Rideau Lakes. The hotel overlooks a National Park that has a Lock systems that brings boats from one lake to another, (Rideau).

I usually see "the Canadian Osprey" on short boat trips with my husband, who patiently takes me, but would rather fish!.. I saw some hanging out in nests and on trees. However, this year the osprey "knew" that I wouldn't be on the boat that much and decided to entertain me outside of my room which overlooked the lake and the locks. They spent hours gliding above my lounge chair enjoying the cool Canadian air. They would circle, soar and sometimes come so close I would see the shadow of their wings on the grass near where I sat. Sometimes I would hear them chirping in the distance along with the Loons!

One morning as I sat and watched two osprey flying, (fledglings?), one was flying lower and lower, circling over the lake. It would then soar up again, fly close again, in a straight line above the lake. It suddenly got close and with a blink of an eye, caught a fish right in front of me. I could hear the "snap" noise as it's talons grabbed the fish and off he flew. I heard territorial chirps in a distant tree as I assume this osprey was settling down for a meal! I definitely experienced osprey time and would watch for hours as one particular osprey would choose a tree daily across the lake and would spend each day quietly sitting and enjoying the beautiful Canadian air. My husband came back one day and excitedly told me that he witnessed two osprey chatting back and forth in nearby trees while he went fishing.

The Canadian cousins of Brook and Haven are on course with each other along the Rideau lakes of Ontario!......a place of peace and tranquility for wildlife and people alike...See.....
karen 08/18/05 06:08 pm Oh it sounds wonderful!
Marie 08/18/05 06:18 pm Oh how wonderful glad you had such beautiful encounters with CANADIAN OSPREY..hee hee! .
I can just see you lounging in Canadian Space and thoroughly enjoying your holiday.
Pam 08/18/05 06:47 pm Nice to see our holidaymakers returning to the board - we missed you ! Sounds idyllic Celeste.
Kathy 08/18/05 08:00 pm Welcome back, glad you had a great time.
Cecilia 08/18/05 09:10 pm Hey...welcome back! How nice that the Kenny's ospreys accommodated your lounging:-) Hope you had fun and cooler weather than we had here!
Tim P 08/18/05 09:33 pm Good for you. Sounds like a good time was had.
Welcome Back. :)
Shelley 08/18/05 10:34 pm Welcome back, Celeste, but I am very jealous!! Where were they when I visited you up at Kenney's last summer??! Just like the loons who are on my friend's lake all the time...except when I visit!!

I am so happy that you got to enjoy them, though!! How exciting!!
Lori 08/18/05 11:19 pm Hotel Kenney looks like a wonderful place to get in touch with your "inner bird" It was sweet of their resident osprey to accomadate you too! :-) Glad you are home safe & sound
Marie 08/19/05 12:57 am We missed you both Cecilia and Celeste. So glad you are both back safely and can share your travels with us...
RonS 08/19/05 08:17 am "Osprey Time", what a way to decompress!! Good for you.
Anne 08/19/05 09:37 am I thought you must have been away as I always look for your early morning posts. Glad you had a good holiday and ospreys for company too. What a bonus.
cathy 08/19/05 10:26 am What a memorable experience to watch the osprey catch a fish so close.

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