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Thread subject: And Adirondack Eagles...
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Cecilia 08/19/05 09:20 am I slipped quietly back into town early in the week (hiding from my clients) and it took me all week to catch up with work, bills, laundry, the yard and the DPOF Boards. Celeste's report on Canada reminded me that I hadn't said hello to you all :-)

I did want to tell you about the eagles on Lake Ossetah. (upper Adirondacks) There is a nest, in a tree, that sits abut 100 yards from a house that was on the market. I didn't like the house but Dennis thought we were going to buy it because of the eagles :-) I walked down to the dock and a fledgling flew over my head. Two seconds later another one flew into the nest and the first one landed right behind him looking very expectant...just like Brook and Haven. The owners of the property were seeing dollar signs as I stood there in awe. If they had been ospreys I don't know what we would have done :-) The house was way too big but that nest was so close and such a amazing thing to have right outside the back door that I was very tempted. Alas, better sense took charge and we left but it sure was a great thing to see!

I read in various brochures that ospreys are up there but I never saw one. One day on a canoe trip Dennis and I both thought we heard an osprey calling but we couldn't locate where the sound was coming from. There do seem to be a number of eagle nests and they and the loons get a lot of press.

On another day we were hiking and had gotten to the top of some mountains called The Three Brothers when 6 Cedar Waxwings landed in a scrubby tree about 15 feet from us and proceeded to chatter and beak wipe. They totally ignored us. It was so exciting to see them at that altitude. After about 10 minutes they took off heading south, which make me think that they might be starting to migrate. Look them up if you've never seem them...they are so cute!

Thanks for all of your nest OBs and all the interesting things posted on the Message Board. Looks like some more new people have joined...that's just wonderful!

Anne 08/19/05 09:52 am Your holiday sounds wonderful, glad you enjoyed it. I assume your eagles were bald eagles - what a thrill to see them so close.

Your cedar waxwings are very similar to the waxwings (Bombycilla garrulus) we see here in the UK in winter. Last year we had a major irruption due to a failure of their food supply in Fenno-scandia. Flocks of several hundred birds descended on supermarket car parks and stripped all the berries off the shrubs. And people had up to a hundred on one tree in their gardens. They are lovely birds which brighten up the dark days of winter.
karen 08/19/05 10:19 am Welcome back ... househunting and birdwatching combo's could be a new business... I saw my first cedar waxwing this summer out east and they are very cute ... cannot imagine seeing hundreds or even 6 at once ....
Shelley 08/19/05 10:23 am Welcome back to you too, Cec!
I saw my first cedar waxwings a couple of summers ago, near Ithaca, NY. They are very beautiful birds!
Nancy L 08/19/05 10:40 am Glad you had a good time in the Adirondacks, Cecilia. My husband fly-fishes up there every June, and we really enjoy it up there when we go on occasion. One day we did a do-it-yourself waterfall "tour"up on the mid-west side of the Adirondacks. It was during the week in the summer, and sooo quiet & peaceful.
Celeste 08/19/05 12:12 pm Ahh, close yet so far away....eagles for you, (sounds really interesting), and osprey for me---what more could we ask for on a vacation!

And, yes everyone....even on vacation I was "wondering" about all you and the site....great to catch up, though I am sneaking peaks every now and then when "no one" is watching.....don't want to interrupt "their" chores!!!!!!
Grace 08/19/05 02:47 pm For those of you who live on Long Island, there alot of Cedar WAxwings (adults and juvies) up at West Meadow Beach (Setauket or Old Field) You are supposed to be a town of Brookhaven resident, but there seems to be no monitoring after 6:00 pm.
Anne 08/19/05 05:47 pm Do your waxwings stay for the winter, or do they migrate further south?
Cecilia 08/19/05 05:48 pm One spring out east a flock of Cedar Waxwings landed on our deck, surrounded the birdbath and took turns in groups of 2 and 3 jumping in to bathe. The rest sat around the rim, wing to wing, while another 25 or so sat in the tree above. I was so upset when I realized that I didn't have the camera...I had never seen a mob of them like that. They seemed to be traveling with a huge flock of robins who started joining them at the bath and it was chaos for awhile as they interchanged and flew up to the tree and back to the water. Then all of a sudden something spooked them and WOOSH they all took off in a second. That was only the second time I had seen a Waxwing and at that point I thought they might always come in flocks :-)
Lori 08/19/05 10:02 pm Welcome back to reality Cecilia :-)
Anne 08/20/05 01:31 pm What a pity you dident have your camera - all those waxwings and robins would have made a super picture. It sounds as though they were on migration.

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