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Thread subject: Message for Dave
Name Date Message
Pam 08/20/05 04:27 pm - on behalf of Marie who cannot post to the message board. Dave can you please help Marie (see her posts on the obs. board)
Tiger 08/20/05 04:35 pm Why don't people write down their passwords if they have difficulty remembering them. It is unlikely that anyone will break into your house and steal your password.

Of course this does not aply to financial passwords.
Anne 08/20/05 05:04 pm We all have our 'senior' moments dont we? So I always use the same birdy password for everything. Another for banking and credit cards..
Tiger 08/20/05 05:23 pm Sounds good strategy Anne.
Shelley 08/20/05 08:15 pm I always send myself an email whenever I join a new site. In that email, I put my user name or ID, my password, and the email addy I've used (sometimes I use different email addies for different sites, for different reasons), as well as the email addy of that site's Help desk.

Then I send it to myself and store these specific emails in a folder I call *admin stuff*. That way, I know that in that folder, are all my passwords that I would never otherwise remember.

You could also do this in a hard copy, say, have one of those little telephone/address books and use that for just internet sites and your passwords.
Tiger 08/21/05 05:14 am No she needs to use a new name. The password does not matter.

The system will not allow identical names. Or at least that is my understanding.

Cecilia 08/21/05 11:07 am I emailed Dave about this problem and the suspicious entry in the Guest book yesterday but he may be on vacation since everyone else on Long Island seems to be gone this week :-) I just sent Tom Throwe a note too but he probably won't get it until he gets to work tomorrow. I'm thinking that they may have set up the system in such a way that it will not allow more than one entry from the same IP address... so Dave may have to run interference for Marie before this can be straightened out.
Tiger 08/21/05 12:05 pm Nah not true Cecilia. If you are on dialup your IP changes every time you log in.

Cecilia 08/21/05 01:48 pm But Tiger if you have a cable hook up isn't your IP address fixed? looks like Marie, aka LOTUS, made it through :-)
Tiger 08/21/05 02:14 pm Well yes if you have cable it is fixed. But one can spoof IPs if you know how!
TomT 08/21/05 05:07 pm The only restriction on registering for the message board is that the name entered to post under does not match an existing name in the password file. The passwords in the file are encrypted, so neither I nor anyone else can tell what they are.

Most recent versions of browsers have a feature where they will remember the username and password for a site (some will even display the password for you). This is convenient, but if something happens to the browser or the computer, the password can be lost. It is probably a good idea to write down non-critical passwords, such as the one for this site, or to use one of the methods mentioned in posts above to keep track of them.

If your password to this site is lost, then please contact me.
LOTUS 08/21/05 08:16 pm I have e-mailed you now Tom, with the hope of regaining my identity... ;-)

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