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Thread subject: Thank you everyone
Name Date Message
LOTUS 08/21/05 12:36 pm I hope this message goes through.........

My name is MARIE

tHANK YOU all for your help.

Computers can really challenge me...;-)
LOTUS 08/21/05 12:38 pm Well I see it way would the message take me on as Marie 1, or 2, or even *
So you have to get used to this crazy exotic name aclled LOTUS ...LOL
And TIGER I wrote it down in several places.......;-0
Cecilia 08/21/05 01:49 pm hook or crook :-) Interesting "handle" Marie LOL Welcome back!
Celeste 08/21/05 02:15 pm Welcome, welcome Lotus........good to have you back....Now how did you pick the name Lotus.......!!!!!?
Cuddly Tiger 08/21/05 02:19 pm If this louses up my process then you are to blame Marie! :)

Tiger 08/21/05 02:21 pm Now this is Old Tiger back!
Cuddly Tiger 08/21/05 02:23 pm Now this should be Cuddly Tiger back again.

So there is no problem registering as two names.

Kathy 08/21/05 02:24 pm Way to go, welcome back Marie. (OOPS, Lotus.)
Tiger 08/21/05 02:28 pm When you close your browser the site forgets you.

If you want to register a new nick you got to go to the Registration button.


Before you can post a message to the Message Board, you need to register.

at bottom of forums page,

Windows will only remember one nick for this site. So I have to edit out that other Tiger.
Anne 08/21/05 03:28 pm Anyone looking in now would wonder what sort of site this is - Lotus and Cuddly Tiger indeed!!!!
Tiger 08/21/05 04:26 pm Aww Anne that is the best laugh I have had in ages!
TomT 08/21/05 05:45 pm The way the web server matches usernames can produce unexpected results if the username has one or more spaces in it. It is best to avoid spaces. "Marie 1" probably matched "Marie". "Cuddly Tiger" does not match "Tiger", but it probably would match "Cuddly".
Melanie 08/21/05 07:33 pm OK - I'm testing things out myself. Last week was a week of calamatous proportions - my hard drive decided to loose it's brains just as the cold from hell set in, so not only have I got a new hard drive and OSX on my Mac, but I also now have DSL - just in time to watch the empty nest at home. this is like having a whole new computer, even though the box and the motherboard are the same. I am also having to rebuild a lot from scratch so this is a good test to see if my memory is correct.
LOTUS 08/21/05 07:53 pm LOL..............this has given me so many HOOTS/ LAUGHS this guys are such fun......I need a few laughs right now as I am on crutches having blown out my knee....
A laugh is better than a tear that is for sure.........

Ãuddly Tiger..........indeed...LOL

Lotus Cecelia, as a handle, comes from my absolute passion for the mythology of ancient Egyptian culture... Was thinking of a flower and all of a sudden that name, Lotus, popped up in my head,,,,,,,,thats only half the story ;-)
Anne 08/22/05 05:58 am Ummm - we believe you - oh exotic flower.

Marie what have you done to your knee? Sounds bad.
Marie 08/22/05 12:37 pm Not sure yet...........certainly had a bleed into it...?? ruptured a ligament.......XRAY today...
Anne 08/22/05 03:06 pm

Oh dear thats a shame. you have to watch your knees, they are such complicated joints.

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