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Thread subject: Tim P
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Anne 08/24/05 07:04 am My Chinese Doctor goes mad when ever anyone tells him that the Chinese should not have cars and the standards of living the West enjoys. He says that WE have ruined the atmosphere with all our gas guzzling cars and industries. He is particularly averse to ' 4 wheel drive people carriers' with only one small occupant.

I have to admit that he is on to something there. I drive a Honda Jazz that does 50mpg, but I am starting to feel guilty when I drive out 50 miles to see a bird. I am contributing to the global warming that will lead to the extinction of many of the bird species I love.

What to do? Although on a more positive note, I see that BMW have brought out a car that runs on hydrogen which is obtained very efficiently from water.
Shelley 08/24/05 07:15 am I am with you both on this issue. I am proud to say that I was a commuter for more years than anyone I know. I am not proud to say that I caved in and bought my first car EVER, 7 years ago. A smallish Toyota Corolla.

I say we all grow wings..... ;-)
Tim P 08/24/05 12:31 pm I don't want the chinese to stop driving.
It is a fact that their use of fossil fuel is increasing
quicker then the USA's
I have decreased my driving on weekends due to higher prices. Less birding for me. :(
I drive a 4 cylinder.
I loath the gas guzzling SUV's
Average home owner in USA will pay $1.000
more for heating oil this year than last year.
Anne 08/24/05 01:36 pm I dont think they are starting from the same levels though are they? It is a fact that the price of oil has gone up lately due to the huge demand from China. We are paying nearly £1 per litre now, how much is it in the US?
Melanie 08/24/05 02:52 pm I think your chinese doctor is largely correct, however there are still very serious issues with pollution controls there that no amount of rationalizing (so and so did it first) should excuse . The US has always considered cheap gas and the freedom to drive wherever we want a god-given right - everyone else be damned. If you do not in a very large city like New York or Boston, the concept of mass transit is beneath most Americans, which is why bus/trains/subway/transit systems are always in financial trouble.

At the moment (although this can change in the blink of an eye) we are averaging $2.60 for a gallon. How this all compares to what you are paying depends on whether we are talking Imperial gallons which equals roughly 4.5L or a US gallon which is 3.7L.

While I do have a car after being without one for 10 years, I am finding myself taking the bus again whenever possible. I am finding I can make it on a tank and a half a month (12 gal tank) and I ahve found that after not having a car for a long time, that driving is no longer enjoyable for me.
Anne 08/24/05 04:11 pm We are on Imperial gallons which works out at about £4.50 per gallon. Most of that goes in tax - our government stings us on indirect taxation.

Melanie I dont know what the answer is. We love our cars in the UK too, so public transport is a mess - so we dont want to use public transport. Its chicken and egg.

Marie 08/24/05 05:54 pm We in Victoria pay $ 1 .12 DOLLARS A LITRE.I guess that is more than the states and less than in England.....I was aghast while in England in April/May how many people still drove cars, and most had one person in them. The highways/motorways were full of traffic.....Rail transportation seemed very expensive.
Shelley 08/24/05 06:58 pm Wow, Marie, that's incredible!! I know in Quebec, it has gone over a dollar a litre, as well. Here in Ontario, it's been in the mid-to high 90 cent range for a couple of weeks but in the 80s before that. It wasn't so very long ago that it was down in the 70 cent range but I think those days are goe for good, sadly.
FOB Webmaster 08/24/05 07:30 pm In my area of Maryland, I'm paying $2.71 a gallon at the moment.

I used to take the DC Metro to work, but it got so expensive that it was actually cheaper to drive, so I went back to driving even though I liked mass transit since the DC Metro is pretty safe and clean.

Now with gas prices so high, driving might be more expensive. I drive a Toyota Corolla and get good gas mileage, but still, the prices might put more city people back on mass transit.

Celeste 08/25/05 05:58 am Our Long Island newspaper Newsday, did an article yesterday on how public transportation is up on the Island because of gas prices. Taking a bus on Long Island is not as convenient as in the City, but nevertheless, because of gas prices, they have seen a tremendous increase in usage.
Melanie 08/25/05 11:17 am And there is no rhyme nor reason why gas prices are the way they are - the Mobile Station is charging $2.69 gal and the Shell Station 6 blocks away is charging $2.49 and that's for regular. It's madness.

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