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Thread subject: Last fledgling
Name Date Message
Pam 08/25/05 07:45 am Seeing what may be a last fledgling on an osprey nest at the end of the season is quite poignant. There was one of the Woods Hole nest this a.m. and one on Connecticut. They really are very young and when parents and other fledgies have left - the one lonely bird looks around for its family and we know it has to make the long journey south all on its own. No wonder so many of them don't make it. I wonder what instinct in them says "OK this is the time - I'm on my own - I've got to go now".
Nancy L 08/25/05 09:53 am Nature sure is amazing!
Shelley 08/25/05 10:58 am I am still just incredulous that they do know, at all!!!!!
Melanie 08/25/05 11:18 am There's a juvie there right now with a fish.
Marie 08/25/05 11:37 am I too feel the sadness, but we need to remember that the adult male is usually the last to leave his nest site so hopefully he has kissed the kids goodbye and wished them luck. This way not too many young are left behind on purpose fumbling and completely lost...
Pam 08/25/05 11:52 am I haven't seen an adult on these two nests for some time and wonder if indeed they are still around. Of course you can't watch all the while and without an observation board such as ours there is no way to tell. That is why this website is so good.
Marie 08/25/05 11:58 am Last evening I captured one of the fledglings sitting by the cam on the Blackwater nest site. It was dark so the spider's web that is over the lens creates quite an effect. In the middle was the spider. This scene allowed for an illusion to develope in my mind. The web filament created a long tunnel with the body of the spider illuminated as though it was the light at a very long dark tunnel and now this new fledgling oprey had to travel down it. A sort of initiation to the world of ospreys. The fledgling was off to the left side of the pic but in the foreground so it looked as though it was really contemplating the unknown... this new journey to the far distant south.....
Cecilia 08/25/05 12:48 pm I just checked the Woods Hole site and two juvies are sitting in the nest right now. The second one landed with a fish and is eating it after mantling for a few minutes. Interesting that he would bring the fish there, where his sibling might try to take it, instead of flying to some other location to eat. They both look good...shiny and healthy.
Melanie 08/25/05 02:02 pm And they are still there, just checking things out.
Pam 08/25/05 03:18 pm Just checked the Connecticut cam and a juvenile is there and there appears to be a smallish egg on the nest which was not there this morning. ??????

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