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Thread subject: Another Rutland Water Visit
Name Date Message
Pam 08/25/05 08:04 am On Tuesday 23rd Aug. we paid another visit - this time mainly for the grandchildren to try climbing an artificial rock face and also go an assault course - which they took in their stride - I could hardly bear to watch they were so high on tightropes. They did have safety ropes attached of course but they were so brave !! Anyway, at the end of the afternoon I slipped away down to the water and it was getting chilly and quiet by then but you know what I was looking for - and I was rewarded. I watched an osprey flying left to right over the water with a fish held like a torpedo in its claws. For a while it was being harrassed by two seagulls but they gave up after some time and the osprey continued its steady flap flap into the distance and dissappeared over the treeline. I was freezing cold, holding the binoculars, my eyes and nose were running in the cold breeze but I daren't look away cos I never would have been able to pick it up in the grey sky without the binocs. This made my day of course, what a wonderful memory. You need to pick your times at RW. Apparently there were over 20,000 visitors last weekend for the bird fair - a good time to stay away !
Nancy L 08/25/05 09:55 am I guess I'm not the only one to stay away from crowded places. I want the peace & quiet -- all the better to see & hear nature all around.
Tiger 08/25/05 11:04 am Awww that account is great. BTW I still have not managed that Freecell game :((

It is seriously hard.

Celeste 08/25/05 11:30 am Sounds wonderful Pam.....don't like hearing about the cold though reminds me winter is coming!
Marie 08/25/05 11:30 am Pam , those are the special memories of osprey.
So glad you got there again. Won't be long now till we see each other............counting the days. !
Pam 08/25/05 11:54 am For anyone that wants a challenge that difficult Freecell game Tiger mentioned is no. 617 (it took me about two weeks to do).
Tiger 08/25/05 02:37 pm Are you sure it was done?? :)

Pam 08/25/05 03:14 pm Positive, but don't ask me how. I can remember the feeling of triumph when I finally did it. I had tried all the logical approaches and I think it was finally just haphazard luck. As I told you Tiger, I keep a record - I am up to 9140 - and I mark the difficult ones with appropriate swear words !! When you have done that one I'll send you another (evil grin).
Tiger 08/25/05 03:31 pm Oh I have got plenty of evil ones to give you in return. But 617 seems the most evil ever. I thought I had it a few times.

It is the bunching of the numbers which does it.

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