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Thread subject: My Osprey ;-)
Name Date Message
Marianne 08/25/05 11:23 am Upper Nicholson's Locks on the Rideau between Burritt's Rapids and Merrickville, Ontario , Canada
I would like to share my Osprey photographs with the group. Images taken with a Nikon D70 Digital SLR, 70-300 mm Telephoto lens.
Celeste 08/25/05 11:27 am Stupendous! What shots! I am in awe of your expertise! I was just on the Rideau in Jones Falls last week and went to Merrickville for a short visit to "mary's".....a store in town that sells vintage.

Thank you!
Marianne 08/25/05 11:38 am Sorry, due to technical difficulties I have had to remove the Osprey Photo's, They will be available in a couple of days.
Celeste. Oh yes, Mary's, I haven't been there in quite some time, is it still pricey?
Marie 08/25/05 11:42 am Well I was wondering...........I suddenly opened the osprey pic and nothing poof gone! ...I thought I had accidently erased the whole show.........thank goodness I hadn't. ;-)
Pam 08/25/05 11:45 am Great photos of the osprey Marianne and I really like the grasshopper macros.
Marianne 08/25/05 12:27 pm Osprey Pictures are back up
Kathy 08/25/05 01:07 pm Beautiful photos Marianne.
Celeste 08/25/05 03:22 pm Well, my sister who is in love with vintage costume jewelry visit's Mary's each year. She tells me that the prices Mary has are excellent as she does a lot of research on the internet and at antique stores etc. By the way have you ever been to "Miller's Antiques" at Rideau Ferry? I have never in my life experienced such a place and he was definitely one of kind and pricey also!!!!!
Celeste 08/25/05 03:24 pm I just went to the site again to show my husband your photos and they are not there....thought I would tell you's 3:24pm.
Marianne 08/25/05 03:48 pm I just checked the site, Celeste, pictures are there.
karen 08/25/05 03:59 pm Great photos thanks they helped my osprey withdrawal symptoms.
Lori 08/25/05 11:23 pm Hey Marianne, great pictures! Thanks for sharing. Looks like you live in a great neighborhood. :-)
Madeline 08/26/05 02:58 am Celeste, I wish these pictures were my handy work, but unfortunately I'm photogrophy inpaired!
Madeline 08/26/05 03:00 am Thanks for the great photos of the osprey and all of the wonderful wild life in your backyard. Lucky you.
Marianne 08/26/05 08:13 am Thank you everyone.
I do live in a great area ~ out in the country on 30 acres, I can't see my neighbours, and my visitors are usually the furry or flying kind.
The Osprey Nest is less then a 10 minute drive from here, I am truly blessed and I look forward to next year's babies!!
rick s. 08/26/05 09:56 am Great shot Marianne,.....thanks for sharing!
Cecilia 08/26/05 10:25 am All of your photos are super Marianne! I wandered around your Picture Trail site and enjoyed the hummingbirds and the canoe trip too :-) Thanks.
Marie 08/26/05 12:26 pm Great shots have a young one there as well as an adult by the looks of the ospreys. Lovely setting.where were they taken, as it looks so quiet and peaceful.?

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