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Thread subject: A Visit with Cecilia and some photos too!
Name Date Message
Celeste 08/26/05 06:19 am A few days ago, my husband and I decided to take a ride to Sea Cliff to visit Cecilia. Sea Cliff is a charming, one square mile village which sits atop a bluff 120 feet above sea level, with an outstanding view of Hempstead Harbor. Sea Cliff is also known for its beautiful Victorian Homes.

It was a beautiful "Canada" like day, (clear and cool). We shared a picnic lunch at a local park that overlooks the Harbor. It was a relaxing, vacation like day for all of us!

Cecilia and I thought you'd like to see some photos of our day.....


Password is Osprey, (with a capital O)...The photos are right before the photos of the reunion in July at the nest.

On the way home I couldn't help but think after our lovely visit that among all the wonderful things this site offers all of us, the biggest gift of all is that of friendship!
cathy 08/26/05 06:34 am How nice to see you two and the amazing homes there!
Shelley 08/26/05 07:00 am Beautiful! Thanks, both of you, for sharing those. I LOVE wrap-around porches!! So inviting!

And Celeste, just for the record, for the most part, this summer, we didn't have very *Canada-like* weather!! We had the same extremely hot, extremely humid stuff that you had!! (but this last week or so has been perfect, no humidity! Whew!)

Pam 08/26/05 07:38 am Thanks very much Celeste. What a beautiful place to live. I took the opportunity of looking at your Pulestone Ranch visit again too. The picnic always reminds me of a Monet painting, such lovely colours in the dappled shade.
Marianne 08/26/05 08:23 am Beautiful!!!
Thank you so much for sharing your photo's..
Nancy L 08/26/05 09:30 am Beautiful photos, Celeste. Thanks.
Kathy 08/26/05 10:30 am What a beautiful day for a picnic and thank you for the photos. Victorian Homes are my favorite, there is something romantic about them.
Marie 08/26/05 03:54 pm great PICS of two wonderful friends. I agree those homes are so romantic looking.......what stories they could tell.
Cecilia 08/26/05 07:51 pm What Celeste didn't tell you is that she and Frank showed up with a big bag of veggies that Frank had grown in their garden...gorgeous tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, basil, rosemary and fennel and, the "Piece de Resistance", real Canadian Cheddar :-) Needless to say we've been eating well the last few days!

We walked up into town, got lunch at our local deli and went to sit in the overlook park, in glorious sunshine, to eat and watch sailboats leaving surface patterns in the harbor.

Who would have thought, three years ago, that an article in Newsday would lead to meeting new friends from as far away as Massapequa :-)...much less British Columbia, Canada and England!
Lori 08/26/05 09:17 pm What a lovely way to end the summer! The weather has been so beautiful this past week; what better way to pass the time, than to spend it with good friends. Thanks for sharing your day. :-)
Madeline 08/28/05 01:33 am What beautiful pictures Celeste. At first I thought You and Cecilia were sisters, you look so much alike. Thanks for sharing your day with us.

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