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Thread subject: Baby Panda opens his eyes now.
Name Date Message
Marie 08/26/05 12:29 pm Yesterday afternoon the Zoo personnel saw the baby Panda open his eyes around 4.30pm. He is certainly stronger and moving all limbs and head and neck around. They even said he lifted his tail. It will be amazing to see him take his first steps in the future
Cecilia 08/26/05 01:38 pm I was watching yesterday when he got accidently covered with a lot of the bamboo debris and he had a squealing fit. Mei was outside trying to have a meal but he made so much noise that she went in and, after several tries, finally picked him up and out through the branches. I was sitting here cheering for him for refusing to be pinned down! Mei is such a good mother it is almost heartbreaking to watch. I love how she cuddles him and sometimes I think she might just lick his coat off :-) I still miss our osprey family but watching the pandas has provided plenty of distraction.
Melanie 08/26/05 01:53 pm I really resisted getting involved with the PandaCam, but once I looked in, it was all over but the shouting. Now instead of getting the daily Osprey Report, the office checks in with me for the Panda Report. The tenderness that she shows the cub has nearly brought me to tears many times.

So who's gone over to the zoo website and voted for a name?

I'm partial to Tai Shan (peaceful mountain)
Marie 08/26/05 03:53 pm Well I just voted.......

He is strong and powerful to me, but Peaceful Mountain is great TOO for he is very tolerant of his mothers jostling of him as she gets him into position for feeding. Hard decision to make for a name.

wonderful hours of watching him.
Cecilia 08/26/05 07:30 pm I voted for Peaceful Mountain too..."Tai Shan" (tie-SHON) and I bet that is the one that will win, for two reasons: 1. Because peace is what so many of us would like to find...a peaceful mountain of panda:-) and 2. Because it is far easier to pronounce than the other choices:-)

I'm watching (again) as Mei is licking him (taking care of his biological needs) and also hugging and snuggling him. I thought I could really get back to work now that Brook & Haven are seemingly gone but these darn pandas have me hooked:-)
Mickey 08/26/05 07:40 pm its gunna be peaceful mountain

I dont know anyone who voted for anything else !

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