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Thread subject: Bayard Cutting Arboretum
Name Date Message
Nancy L 08/26/05 09:01 pm in Great River, Long Island

I took a walk today - first in about 6 weeks, because of all that HOT weather. It was beautiful. First, I passed about 3 wedding parties taking pictures. Then I checked out the Osprey nest on the mansion chimney. There were 2 young osprey up in the nest, chattering away. On down to the Connetquot River walk and over to the platform nest by the large field. I heard an osprey call right there, but when I looked at the nest, it was empty. On down the river path and I heard osprey calling. I found them (2) flying over the river, up, down & around, looking down, but they never dove. On to the more secluded section of the arboretum, over a little bridge onto a loop walk around a bog-type area. This is my favorite section, because it is not manicured and less traveled. Before I was over the bridge, I was hearing osprey calls. I checked out the nest in the live pine & found 2 young ones calling out. I walked on & from another area where I can see that nest, I watched the male adult bring a fish to the nest. A flurry of wings and he left. One young finally got possession and flew off to eat elsewhere. The remaining youngster stayed in the nest, calling. I listened to the osprey calls as I walked out of the loop walk, over the bridge, and back into the main portion of the arboretum. It was really peaceful and I thought this may be the last time I hear this sound for 6-7 months, since we will be leaving for our vacation in less than 2 weeks. Hopefully I'll get a chance to walk in the Connetquot Preserve before we leave. I also saw on my walk, 8 bunnies & a chipmunk.
Madeline 08/27/05 02:57 am Sounds like you had a wonderful time today. I've only been there once and that was this winter on a beautiful spring like day.It's funny how you can pass a a place hundreds of times over the years and never stop in' but always telling yourself, next time. I didn't know there were osprey nests there. It's nice to know that they are quite a number of of successful breeding pairs in that area. There are no lack of bunnies, and squirrels in my yard, but no chipmunks. They're so cute.
Celeste 08/27/05 04:58 am I was recently wondering about the nest on the chimney. You were certainly fortunate to experience so much osprey time! Yes, Connetquot will soon be a very quiet place without the sounds of the osprey!
Pam 08/27/05 07:21 am Sounds like a great place for a walk Nancy. I'm remembering it from your photos.
Marie 08/27/05 12:33 pm That is osprey indulgence that all of us would enjoy RIGHT NOW. How fortunate you were to see and hear so many on one walk. Nancy you were so lucky. ;-)
Mickey 08/27/05 01:51 pm how were the mosquitos?
Nancy L 08/28/05 09:11 am I sprayed myself with Deep Woods Off before I went. Nothing bothered me. I didn't even see any of those pesky flies that always bother me at the southern end of Wertheim. I don't walk Wertheim anymore between June and Sept. because of them!
Pam 08/28/05 09:56 am I have been nursing a swollen, inflamed leg all week from a tiny insect bite I got on the back of my calf in the garden, and taking anti-histimine every four hours, so that area would definitely not suit me with my almost non-existent immune system these days ! I'll have to try Deep Woods Off when I come over next month.
Marie 08/28/05 11:58 am What a pair we are Pam, You with an infected leg and me still on crutches with a swollen knee. Mine is getting so much better now but rest is the order of the day for another week or so. I must admit I am tired of always sitting on my BUTT, but I have had much more time to look in on osprey data, panda and whale observation. Just need some creative juices to run so I can write some articles on BIRDS of course for our magazine. So far not in the mood!
Perhaps I should attempt to post some osprey pics too. Now that will be a challenge for ME.
Celeste 08/29/05 05:34 am Oh I am so looking forward to a photo of the two of you! Hopefully, your "war" injuries will be "out of the picture"!!!:)

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