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Thread subject: Field Trip
Name Date Message
Tim P 08/27/05 07:58 pm I was in the DPOF nest area today. Got a good shot of the empty nest. :(
Saw an Osprey sitting in the dead tree next to the nest.
Got some pictures of 2 fledgling osprey who are still hanging around their nest.
Also added some pictures of some shore birds to my web page in the not osprey section.
Marie 08/27/05 09:48 pm To the distinct and powerful song...

''Aint no sunshine when she's gone
, Only darkness every day,
Any time she's gone away....''

Oh sure know how to pull at the heart.. I

The nest looked so lonly...

You'll have all the girls crying tonight.

I think your little shorebird is Semipalmated Plover.

BTW Your yellowlegs is a Greater Yellowlegs..;-)
Cecilia 08/27/05 09:51 pm scared me to death! I had the sound up to max when I went to your web page and the music that you've added came out really loud. Great choice by the way, LOL.

Do you think that the fledgling that you saw (in your heart) is one of "ours"?

There may be "no sunshine when she's gone" but you made me laugh, which was a bright spot in my day :-)
Tim P 08/27/05 10:01 pm Thanx for the heads up on the yellow leg Marie.
Why don't you come over here and back me up in the field??? I'd appreciate your company and Knowledge.
Ceclia, The bird in the tree could very well be a member of the DPOF family. If I had to make a guess from the photo I'd say it was the adult male.
Remember I was far away in the boat yard.
The song should be The Morning Show Theme Song.
Marie 08/27/05 10:08 pm Now that the tears have dried...
I can see the screen again.........

One of these days I will come to Long Island and visit. Looks like a place I would really love.......
Would be fun to take a walk where everyone sees such great wildlife.

Some day, Some day.....
Lori 08/27/05 10:56 pm Tim... your pictures always make me smile!

Thankyou!! :-)
Celeste 08/27/05 11:07 pm In between my "tears", your photos as always are breathtaking......our empty nest, the juveniles, wondering if they will be the lucky osprey and make it through migration......the weather we are having right now, (my son is in New Orleans waiting for the hurricane to hit and preparing to evacuate)....can I be excused from the Morning Show for the next few days?

Definitely "ain't no sunshine".......
Madeline 08/28/05 01:47 am Looks like you had a nice day out at DPOF. I enjoyed the all the pictures on your web site, and I did recommend the site to others. Even thought I was forwarned of the music by Cecilia, it did catch me off guard. Great choice of music and soooo true.
Tiger 08/28/05 05:16 am Wow wow wow.

You just get better and better. It is so lovely to be part of this great community!

Shelley 08/28/05 07:10 am Awwww, Tim, GREAT photos! As always! I love your field trips... The one of the 2 osprey in the nest is a pic just begging a caption, don't you think?

"Well, are your bags packed yet? Did you clean up? Have you had enogh to eat? Are you ready to leave?"

"Quit nagging. I told you, I'm ready when you are..."


And I agree, your choice of soundtrack is perfect, especially since it is gray and rainy outside MY window, too...... Thanks, Tim! :-)
Pam 08/28/05 08:11 am Tim those are beautiful pictures, so clear and bright. You must have an excellent camera. Interesting that you saw an osprey near OUR nest, which confirms that I have heard one for the past couple of mornings. Not this morning however, so far. Don't forget for those who cannot see these beautiful birds in the great outdoors - the Woods Hole nest and Connecticut nests are still active. When I switched on there were three ospreys fighting over a very large catch at Conn. nest but I wasn't quick enough to get a pic. Just got one of them with the fish.
Kathy 08/28/05 10:10 am Great photos Tim! Will be waiting for your next field trip photos.
Matt 08/28/05 06:17 pm Great photos Tim.

I also looked at your "Not Ospreys" section. Just below your "Lesser Yellow Leg pictures and above your "Juvenile Red Tail Hawk" pictures where you have two pictures titled "Not a killdeer", I checked my book and it looks a lot like a male Wilson's Plover. They breed on the Atlantic coast from southern NJ, which they say is rare, and Maryland down to Florida and Texas (Gulf coast). The black thick bill and the broad black band is what helped separate it from a Killdeer. The female Wilson Plover has a brown breast band.
Tim P 08/28/05 10:19 pm Thanx everyone,
I'm not excited about this osprey season ending. I'm wondering what the winter will bring??? Photos of snow???
Thanx Marie & Matt for the comments about the ID's.
Matt have you looked at the Semipalmated Plover?
This is a tough decision.
I find identifying some of the plovers and sandpipers as hard as the warblers.
So many shore birds to see around here, I'm just now getting into them .Might as well take advantage of living on an Island.
Going to Fire Island on Wednesday for a few days to live like Gilligan, I hope.
karen 08/29/05 10:02 am Tim I have not looked yet your photos but there have been over a dozen or so Semiplamated Plovers on the beach this weekend out in Westhampton ... I took my bird book out to the beach to be sure and based on the common rating fo the semi I have to assume it was taht and not a wilsons since I saw so many of these birds at one time ( so many in my defination bieng about 10 or s0 ) Now I am going to go get my tissues and click on your web page ...
Marie 08/29/05 12:09 pm Hi Tim,
I still believe your little birds are Semipalmated plovers as your pics don't show the White band on the forehead that is continuous and extends past the eye. I know the light can't show everything but I did think the legs too on your birds were brighter orange that the softer, duller pink of the Wilson's. I agree it is very difficult to ID from photo's.
did you hear any calls because the two birds make different calls.
Semi's call.......chu-weet
Wilson's =sharp whistle ..whit.
karen 08/29/05 01:29 pm Hi Marie it is even difficult to ID when the bird is 10 feet away!
Melanie 08/29/05 02:41 pm Tim - just keep your feeders out and full and you will have no lack of birds to tide you over the winter!
Matt 08/30/05 08:46 pm Tim, with the Semipalmated Plover, their beak has an orange color that goes from the base to halfway to the tip of it. From there to the tip it is black. I didn't see that in your pictures so that is why I didn't think it was that. All I saw was all black. Do you remember seeing the beak with any orange in it?
Tim P 08/30/05 09:15 pm They were hard to get close to Matt.
I needed to sit very still for a while and allow them to wander near me.
I will go back Friday or Saturday and listen for their song(sounds) maybe that will help confirm them.
Matt 08/30/05 10:05 pm They're both very similar. Actually if you can verify that beak color, that would definitely tell us which one it is.

Then again, it could even be an interbred species, half Wilson, half Semipalmated.

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