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Thread subject: A little morning drama
Name Date Message
Melanie 08/28/05 08:43 am So I'm sitting here at the computer, enjoying a nice quiet Sunday morning, looking at Tim's pictures.

All of a sudden, I hear cry and a flock of crows come screaming in and circle around the yard for a minute causing qute a ruckus and then passed on through. Then they came back and I got up to look out the window and had a Red Tail Hawk flash right by the window in hot pursuit of the crows.
Nancy L 08/28/05 09:02 am What fun! That woke you up!
Marie 08/28/05 11:51 am That is the kind of drama that gets you moving from the computer chair. I would imagine that at one point in this drama, the crows were chasing the one Hawk. Crows are dare devils and love to take on even eagles. They seem to know that Raptors kill, and also know they rarely take crows. I think 'CROW' must taste awful. Eagles seem to prefer anything other than crow and will only take a crow as a last resort. That is what I have observed here in the Victoria area.
RonS 08/28/05 12:52 pm I have often seen crows harrassing RTHs from the window where I work. In fact one day, they had a RTH cornered on the ground in the parking lot with a pigeon in his talons. When the RTH flew off, they annoyed him so badly, he dropped his prey.
By the way, did you know that a flock of crows is referred to as a "murder of crows"? I don't know where I picked up that factoid, but it stuck.
Lori 08/28/05 01:15 pm Marie... crow must taste awful why else would we have coined the phrase "eat crow"? All though, I have to admit I find crows fun to watch but ugly! :-)
Madeline 08/29/05 12:52 am There are crows always harrasing the osprey nest that is inbetween the 2 fairways at W. Sayville. The poor osprey are always screeching at them all day. If not at the nest, then chasing after the osprey when they have a fish in thier talons. The thing I can't understand is why they never bother the nest at the edge of the reeds only about 500 yds away? It's always the new house ( nest ) on the block, only about 4 years old. As a matter of fact; there was a very noisey Quaker Parrot that shared part of the nest. Talk about a bad neighborhood !

BTW, sorry for the 12 hour delay in conversation. I'm a night owl and it's my first time on the puter today. "Sunday"
karen 08/29/05 10:07 am I really hate the crows after watching a pair hunt and I assume later get the only baby piping plover on my beach this summer. They would sit on the posts that the the Nature Conservancy had erected with fencing to protect the nest and just wait while the parent plovers flew all around in distress. I chase the crows several time ( even knowing that it was most unproductive it made me feel better ) but never saw the baby after the first few days of hatching .. really heartbreaking as I had spent a whole day glued to the beach watching the parents and the new baby exploring.
Anne 08/29/05 12:46 pm Rooks, which are closely related to crows, are still eaten in certain parts of rural England. Hence the nursery rhyme 'Four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie'.
Melanie 08/29/05 02:37 pm For a little more fun, I came across this:

A group of crows is called "A Murder"

A group of Ravens is called 'An Unkindness'. It can also be a 'Constable' or 'Conspiracy', though, depending on what they are doing at the time. For example, an unkindness of ravens might torment a dog and steal its food; a constable of ravens is stationed at the Tower of London, while a conspiracy of ravens might be seen lurking in the shadows of a garbage dump.

A group of rooks is called "A Parliament", or "A Building"

A group of Magpies is called "A Tiding"

A group of Jays is called a 'party', a 'scold' or a 'band'

And a crow by any other name would still sound as raucous.
Cecilia 08/30/05 01:49 pm That's the worst Karen...considering how few plovers there are. I guess the crows are good for cleaning up road kill but otherwise they seem so nasty. Years ago, in Columbus, Ohio, they arrived in our small town with thousands of grackles and screamed, swooped and pooped for days until one day they just moved on. Not long after that the movie "Thje Birds" came out and we were all so spooked. Crows have given me the willies ever since:-)

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