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Thread subject: Panda Baby
Name Date Message
Marie 08/28/05 12:54 pm Check out baby Panda right now...he is alone and doing his cute. He is flat on his back but likes to curl forward and almost kiss his toes....;-)
Melanie 08/28/05 02:33 pm I notice he's moved from being on his back all the time to his tummy and side
Marie 08/28/05 02:43 pm In Sandiego we have a little girl panda cub that is three weeks younger than the Boy Panda on the east I wonder if these two will ever see each other........;-)

Cecilia 08/29/05 09:36 am The Panda Cam is riviting when they're awake. I just can't get over how tender she is when she picks him up with her paws or mouth. Then she turns around and drags a big piece of bamboo in and proceeds to beat him with one end while she chews on the other :-)
Marie 08/29/05 11:57 am Late last evening, your night the little Panda was almost up on his little legs and moving around. He did circles on his tummy with his eyes open. Two stems of bamboo were conveniently placed that they kept him between the two just like a playpen. Mom just watched him and stayed real close. Very exciting and it showed how strong he is getting. His little head was held high some of the time and then he would flop down. He was making lots of little noises too. Eventually they curled up and went to sleep.
Zara 08/29/05 05:27 pm I looked in on the Panda earlier, the inner door was closing (you could hear it) Mum was there with the baby. The Mum got up and went over to the closed metal door, she opened a hatch to look out!!!! Amazing. It was funny to watch her pressing her eyes up close to get a look at what was going on outside. Ahh factor and my , how that baby has grown in the 2 weeks I have been away.
Mickey 08/29/05 08:01 pm when she looks out the hatch the blogs say shes watching her trainers clean up and place new food around. Occasionally shes fed fruit treats through that hatch they say too :)
10/17/05 is 100 days :))))
Grace 08/30/05 12:55 pm Been having trouble getting through on the Discovery site, anyone else?
Cecilia 08/30/05 01:57 pm I can get only a static picture and I can hear them. Don't know what's going on :-(
Nancy L 08/30/05 02:41 pm Picture is good on Animal Planet, now.
Grace 08/30/05 03:22 pm I saw her getting fruit through the hatch yesterday - it was cute, she stood up on her back legs, and the person on the other side gave one of her paws a quick pat.
Marie 08/30/05 05:22 pm I saw the little panda baby roll over this am from his back to his front. He appeared stunned by his achievement and remained looking at the wall for some time. Just like our own babies when they do this...;-)
Late last night the Mom could hardly keep him in her arms ..he was a going concern.
Mickey 08/30/05 06:29 pm The blogs say that a Panda Mom has it the easiest till the cub starts to walk. Then she gets no rest.
I cant imagine that. I do know this though, once he starts following her,climbing on her,playing with her and sitting in tree`s Im going to become highly excited :)

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