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Thread subject: Katrina
Name Date Message
Nancy L 08/28/05 03:39 pm BIG hurricane (catagory 5) heading into New Orleans tonight & tomorrow. Evacuation is underway. Oh, boy!!
Melanie 08/28/05 04:39 pm My girlfriend's son lives in Ft. Lauderdale and he complained because they went through the eye. He's counting his blessings now.
Marie 08/28/05 04:59 pm Gee I hope all you folk that have friends and family will be safe in these areas. Worrying times. Imagine the ospreys that have started to migrate............wonder where they hide? Hopefully they know instinctively when the weather is this bad and fly to other parts...some cover as much as 300 km in a day or is it miles? Would that be enough distance to get away from this kind of storm I wonder?
Celeste 08/28/05 08:51 pm Please keep good thoughts for my son....he is/was in New Orleans today, (end of a vacation and was not able to get any flights home) and as I type this he met a couple who were able to rent a car and they are making their way to Memphis Tenn. airport.....they are driving through the night and hopefully will arrive by daybreak. Traffic is heavy, but moving. Hoping they will be able to get gas, no tornadoes, etc. Last I heard he is still in Louisiana after driving 4 hours but is a least away from New Orleans. I am hoping he will be home in a couple of days.
Tim P 08/28/05 10:01 pm My friend̢۪s daughter is starting her freshmen year at Tulane. I'm hearing they went to Houston till the storm passes. I̢۪ll be sending good vibes your way Celeste.
Madeline 08/29/05 01:05 am Celeste, My thoughts are with your son and all the people who have no way to leave New Orleans, or sourrounding areas. Hopefully Katrina will loose a lot of steam before it hits the area and continue to do so as she heads further inland.
Tiger 08/29/05 01:24 am I guess that this is a worrying time for so many people. One has just got to hope for the best.

Sympathies to all those with friends and relatives in the firing line.
Celeste 08/29/05 05:40 am Thank you all, it's been a long night with some calls, (unable to connect most of the time), but mostly e-mails from his phone to our computer, (don't know how he does that), requesting directions etc....(and Cec, don't worry, I didn't give directions):) He has just arrived at the Memphis airport driving over 12 hours, and hopefully he will be on his way home today.
Pam 08/29/05 07:05 am Sounds as though you have not slept last night Celeste. Glad to know your son is on his way out of danger. The longer-term danger in New Orleans is that the levees will be breached with consequent widespread flooding. The weather can be terrifying indeed. Winds of 150 mph - I can't even begin to imagine.
Shelley 08/29/05 07:31 am All prayers and thoughts for safety are directed at those in that area now.

((hugs)) and safe thoughts!!! Please keep us posted.

Nancy L 08/29/05 08:20 am Let us know when your son is home safe, Celeste. A lot of people are stuck in New Orleans, & the brunt of the storm hasn't arrived, yet.
Cecilia 08/29/05 09:31 am Glad to hear that he made it to Memphis! You must be exhausted! Now it looks like New Orleans might be spared the very worst of the storm but Biloxi Miss. is going to get hit hard. Just more proof of Global Warming? :-(
karen 08/29/05 10:03 am Must have been a long nite Celeste .. hoping he is now on his way home or at least hunkered down out of the worst of it.
Marie 08/29/05 11:50 am It must have been a nightmare for you hope you are trying to catch up with some sleep now. Keeping my fingers crossed and sending positive thoughts your son's way.
Anne 08/29/05 12:54 pm I cannot imagine 150 mph winds. It must be horrendous. My thoughts are with all those poor people who are losing their homes and even their lives, and with all of you who have family and friends affected especially Celeste.

Marie, I think migrating birds DO know when there are weather fronts and low pressure systems. In fact they are known to hitch a ride on the edge of systems. I am sure they will get out of the way long before the hurricane hits.
Marie 08/29/05 01:06 pm This hurricane was 400 miles wide apparently..........that is a lot of distance to try to cover to get out of the way............;-)

Heartbreaking for all those who have lost their home and hopefully not their lives... This is Nature gone bad...created in part by Global warming.
Anne 08/29/05 05:35 pm We can now expect these monster hurricanes every year apparently, because the seas where they start are hotter and the atmosphere is more active. It IS global warming and maybe when the financial costs start to impact on the economy, the powers that be will get up off their complacent backsides and DO SOMETHING.

400 miles wide is a big system to miss, but do you remember the tsunami? Very few birds and animals perished - they knew it was coming and they got out of the way.
Celeste 08/29/05 06:16 pm Thank you are all so wonderful. Yes my son Andrew is home and very grateful I might add. All he keeps saying is, "you don't know how glad I am to be home".....(almost sounds like the end of the Wizard of Oz!!!!) Seriously, your thoughtfulness touched my heart.
Shelley 08/29/05 07:03 pm Wonderful news!!! Thanks for updating us, Celeste!!

Mickey 08/29/05 07:58 pm If you go back and look at Bluebeards migration for 2004 you`ll see he used the counter clockwise motion to help him migrate :)
These birds arent stupid.Im simply amazed at everything they do !
RonS 08/29/05 08:08 pm Celeste, Extra hugs all around!!! Great news.
Marie 08/29/05 08:27 pm How wonderful Celeste.......I am so glad Andrew is home for your sake and his. Looks like that Hurricane will hit so it is as well he got home now.
Kathy 08/29/05 09:14 pm Glad to hear Andrew is home Celeste.
Madeline 08/30/05 03:25 pm Glad to hear your son /Andrew is home and safe. I wish the news of the survivors of Katrina was just as happy. My heart goes out to those people who have lost loved ones and thier homes. It's such a disaster down there. God bless them all.
Marie 08/30/05 05:25 pm It is so very sad that these things happen. God bless those that suffer so much at this time and are so affected by loss and tragedy.

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