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Thread subject: Back from Scotland!
Name Date Message
Zara 08/31/05 06:39 am Hello all,
We had a great holiday. Saw Ospreys every day too! This year they had nested at the end of Loch Fleet, a place called The Mound. I could see the nest through binoculars but it was too far away for my camera. Don't know if they had young or not, all we saw were the adult birds(enough for me, just thrilled to see any!) I did get a couple of 'far away' pics of one fishing over the loch. Will try and sort out a link to some of my photo's in the next few days and let you know when I do.
I got a lovely photo of geese flying as I was watching the sun rise one day, also the gulls feeding at LochFleet. That part of Scotland is so lovely, just wish I was still there.
I was pleased to read here that all your families are safe after Katrina, my thoughts and prayers were with you all.
Anne 08/31/05 07:15 am Zara - can you recommend any accommodation in that area. I am thinking of going in October for the superb seawatching in the Moray firth.
Pam 08/31/05 07:18 am Sounds a lovely holiday Zara and looking forward to your photographs. Since the Bird Fair things have quietened down at Rutland Water but there are still ospreys around if you need a 'fix'.
Nancy L 08/31/05 09:01 am Welcome back to our site, Zara. Glad you had a good holiday. We'll be leaving on ours one week from today!
Zara 08/31/05 09:40 am Anne will find the details of 'our' cottage for you later. It is small, the owners converted an old croft. Two bedrooms(windows look over pine trees) Open plan kitchen/living room. Kitchen window looks out onto the Mound, patio door over the sea and Loch Fleet, pure magic! Just did a Google and found it for you!

Copy and paste that lot into Google it will take you to the Golspie golf club page, then scroll down look for 25 Skelbo Muir, that is where we stay. Fourpenny has good views too.If it does not work let me know and I will get The expert to do it later.
Good sea ducks later in the year I have heard. I am trying to get John to go up there in February!
Anne 08/31/05 12:37 pm Thanks for that Zara. I have been to Spey Bay in October and had wonderful close-up views of longtail duck, common, surf and velvet scoter and all sorts of other birds such as spoonbill. I would like to try the north shore, where the dolphins gather to catch salmon. Your accounts of Loch Fleet have made me want to go there too!
Zara 08/31/05 01:09 pm Look on this site too
I have probably told you about it before if so, sorry!
I e-mailed some pictures to them and he has put them on his site. Two so far but two more going on shortly. One is on the Loch Fleet page, Geese and sunrise, the other is under sunsets, sunset at The Mound. He has put my name on them too, very exciting.Any idea how I can remove my e-mail address from my last post? Got told off for doing that. Do you think if I e-mail Tom Throwe link at the bottom of the page they can do it. Oh dear what a silly person I am, just trying to be helpful.
Zara 08/31/05 01:25 pm Oops that information is wrong! The one on the Loch Fleet page is Gulls feeding, the one on sunrise page is Geese and sunrise, the last one taken from the patio door of the cottage. The one I mentioned sunset at The Mound is another photo he is putting on but it's not there yet.
If you do go let me know and I will give you some info on eating places, the best double choc ice-cream etc.
Lots of waders at Loch Fleet, I am not very good at telling them apart! Also, herons, various geese (plenty) oystercatchers, whimbrels, eiders and I saw a gooseander, to name but a few.
Anne 08/31/05 01:59 pm Zara - if you click on 'Manage your message' below, I think you can edit out your address.
Zara 08/31/05 06:42 pm Thanks Anne, it worked!

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