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Thread subject: Where is Katrina?
Name Date Message
Anne 08/31/05 07:21 am Our TV pictures are full of the terrible devastation in the states of Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama. It is a catastrophe, I cant believe what has happened to the wonderful city of New Orleans.

No-one is saying where the hurricane is now - is it heading north, could Long Island get the tail-end? It is so awful.
Tim P 08/31/05 07:43 am Katrinas position is 41.1N 81.6W
maximun winds are 20 mph
its moving to the NE @ 35 mph
Transaltion Katrina is in the NE of Ohio
Here on Long Island we expect no effect.
Maybe a little rain.
Pam 08/31/05 07:51 am It just occurred to me that anyone with the beautiful name Katrina would be feeling like changing it now. I don't think they should give tornados and hurricanes human names.
Melanie 08/31/05 10:34 am Katrina is dispersing in a very large area and as it does, it looses power. But the fact that it is still considered a tropical depression 72 hours after making landfall is a testament to how powerful it was. The brunt of her remains is staying very much inland, but we had some of the outer bands going over us in Maryland last night. Katrina was still triggering tornados last night in Virginia and much of Central and Western Maryland was under tornado watches. The clouds that came through here last night were extremely impressive - huge, fluffy, dark and angry, interspersed with big patches of blue. We got no rain from it yesterday, but all the warm tropical air that has pumped up here is going to meet up with a cold front working it's way down, so even though we are not getting the rain from Katrina itself, we will be getting the fallout. We are expecting severe thunderstorms and possible tornado conditions this afternoon. I think they will retire the name Katrina - they do that with monster storms like Andrew, Camille etc...

On a brighter note, even though the osprey kids on my creek have been gone for a couple of weeks, last night I saw two birds circling around for a long time and another lone bird this morning.
Celeste 08/31/05 04:59 pm Here on my area of Long Island, the sky gets very dark, it's extremely windy, and the humidity is oppressive and tropical like.....and yet, the heavy rains forecasted are still not here.....
Matt 08/31/05 06:50 pm Tim, don't forget, we're getting winds too.

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