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Thread subject: Osprey Tales.
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Marie 09/06/05 02:34 am I headed out once again for the sunshine and fresh air late in the afternoon. I felt I needed a break after a painful session of acupuncture on my knee at noon. I know this stuff works so will persevere.
At 3pm I set off to drive across town to seek Osprey. I stopped by nest #1 and guess who was in the nest again. She was quiet so I didn't stay more than 10 minutes. No sign of a parent in the tree tops. She must have been fed.
Nest # 2 remained empty as I had suspected. At the big ball field where nest # 3 is situated, the human activity was in abundance. Several games were being played so I wasn't going to hang around. From the high lookout car park I could see right across the field, and there the lone chick could be seen devouring a recent fish drop off. It was in the nest eating happily. No sign of a parent close by on any of the flood-light posts. I decided since I was near to the Lagoon, I would see if any more osprey were around. I left this happy osprey fledgling to the noisy crowds below.
Once down at the water a quick pan of the trees across the lagoon suggested nothing was around so I drove part way to the far end of the lagoon. Black oystercatchers were busy at the shore so I decided to sit and watch these lovely birds. They were prying open the mussels and clams that they were able to tease from the waters edge. Opposite, on the other side of the lagoon were a few good looking snags. It wasn't long before I saw the distinct silhouette of an osprey sitting high on one. It was there one
moment and then gone. I had moved my beach chair closer to the oystercatchers and in those few moments I had taken my eyes off the osprey it had disappeared. I have noticed before that their colouring against a bank of evergreen trees allows for a complete blending. I stayed here for a while watching the activity on the lagoon. Herons came and went. Mallards slept in the sun. Gulls dropped their treasures from above hoping they would split against the pebbles on the scant beach. Cormorants dove for fish and mute swans drifted by. It was so pleasant to be in the sunshine. Down at the other end I suddenly saw two more osprey but they were heading over the bridge and toward the harbour. I thought to myself it wasn't going to be an osprey day for me.
After a while I decided to head home. I wasn't far down the causeway when I noticed a river otter fishing fairly close to the edge of the lagoon. So I got out of my car again with my one crutch and ambled across the causeway to watch this little fellow. I found a nice big log to sit on so I could really get a front row seat. He would surface every time with a fish and munch on it with such precision that I began to feel sorry for the little fish. While I watched the otter I came to the conclusion there must have been an abundance of fish in this area. So why aren't the ospreys here? Where were they? Gulls and herons were close by busily catching their supper.
A fellow soon stopped to chat with me, so we sat together in the sunshine watching birds. He mentioned that his son was on Long Island teaching tennis. Would you believe near the HAMPTONS. I had to smile, for suddenly I felt connected to all my osprey friends on the east coast. People who watch birds are never alone for long ! The conversation soon tuned to OSPREYS. It wasn't long before I exclaimed, '' Here comes an osprey".
Flying low over our heads came the osprey. It circled just above the otter who was still pulverizing fish with his chompers. I was ecstatic. Please, I kept saying to myself, '' STAY here, stay here. The fishing is good, just look at the otter." Well, the osprey must have read my thoughts. It circled several times and hovered 50 ft from us. His hovering activity reminded me of a dove. It was simply beautiful to watch. It circled and hovered several times but couldn't quite decide. Finally my film ran out and I had to change the roll in a hurry. Murphy's law...the osprey chose to dive at that exact moment when I am taking out one film and trying to get another roll in quickly. Michael quietly said "are you ready because here he comes ''....LOL I am not that fast especially when we are dealing with lightening speed of an osprey.
I caught the osprey rising from the water, 50ft from us, with a moderately sized fish. It all happened so fast. As the osprey flew away with its treasure it was followed by two hungry gulls who chased it till we saw it no more. It had to rise over the tree line to get away. There would be no devouring the head of this fish on some snag close by.
Michael turned to me and thanked me profusely, for he had never seen this activity before. I thanked him too for I felt it was his presence that had created a moment of serendipity for both of us this afternoon.
As you can imagine I left the lagoon feeling elated. On my way I stopped off at the nest #3 close by, but the young fledgling that I had seen earlier eating, was gone.
I didn't expect to see anything at nest # 1 on my way home but I was to be pleasantly surprised. The juvenile that I had seen yesterday and much earlier today, was still calling from a light post. Her cries summoned the father in with a gold fish within five minutes of my arrival. At least I was reassured she was still being fed. Strangely she grabbed the fish and stood with it for 20 mins without taking so much as a bite. The male flew away almost immediately. She couldn't have been very hungry. Perhaps she was shy because I was watching her. As I left she flew from the nest to one of her favorite posts to dine on her fish at last. This lass has much to learn.
Oh, what an afternoon I had experienced with my friends the OSPREYS.
Tomorrow I must rest my knee. ;-)
Celeste 09/06/05 05:57 am I have a smile on my face!
Pam 09/06/05 08:02 am Thank you Marie - I just love reading your weblogs.
Nancy L 09/06/05 09:51 am Ditto - I also had a smile on my face. I'll be catching up with everyone in two weeks. We leave EARLY tomorrow for northern Maine & New Brunswick . Bye all.
Marie 09/06/05 02:35 pm Hey Nancy, have a safe and an enjoyable time.
Sounds like you might be heading into Canada. New Brunswick? It is suppose to be great in the of these days......
Marie 09/06/05 02:43 pm Hey Nancy, have a safe and an enjoyable time.
Sounds like you might be heading into Canada. New Brunswick? It is suppose to be great in the of these days......

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