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Thread subject: Thank you from a newcomer (and thoughts on Conn...)
Name Date Message
cathleen 09/09/05 03:51 pm I live in Upstate New York and often stop at the Montezuma Wildlife Refuge, who has an osprey cam on one of their nests. Once I found out it was online, I got hooked to ALL the sites and am soaking up all kinds of osprey info from everyone! Though the Montezuma nest looks as if it has been empty for a few days already, here is the URL for the next season if you don't have it:

I too have been watching the big fat fish on the Conn. nest - that chick was mantling over the one fish she has been working on today, so someone must be around to get her defensive! But can it be likely that Dad is around dropping fish in addition to any she may be catching?

The one at Woods Hole seems as if she is getting restless...I just can't wait until the 2006 season! Do you guys tune in around late March?

Celeste 09/09/05 05:33 pm Hi Cathy, will love this site, and though the osprey season is over, we do "keep in touch" on the site by visiting it through the winter.....we never seem to run out of things to discuss and we all learn from each other.
In December, many of us check the eagle nest at the Blackwater Refuge site, (they have an osprey nest also), but last year for the first time they put a cam on an eagle nest, and we find that we also learn and discuss eagles during the winter.
Yes, about mid-March we are "all chomping at the bit", waiting for the male osprey to return first, and then a couple of days later, the female. This site has been around since '03, if you are interested, we have some really good archived videos from each season, and if you check archived pictures, and the "contributed photos", you can even "meet" some of the NY observers who have been fortunate enough to visit the nest site at the Puleston's Compound. ('04 & '05)
rick s. 09/10/05 02:18 am Hi Cathleen,
I'm a newbie here as well.....just started as the season got under way....and I have learned more then I ever could have from books, written copy, or any other form of information available to the public.
The people on this site are among the best I have met (cyberly), or otherwise, make it're gonna love it here!!!
Marie 09/10/05 11:45 am Welcome Cathleen...hope to see you post often. The next breeding season just can't come quick enough for us all. As Rick and Celeste have said this is one of the best sites out there. We all learn from each other. Thank you for posting another osprey next site Cathleen..all the more the merrier.. A good looking nest there too. Thank you ;-)
Tiger 09/10/05 05:00 pm Welcome to DPOF Cathleen!! Yes March 2006 will come quickly.
cathleen 09/10/05 09:49 pm Wow - what a great welcome. I can see that the warmth and friendliness of this community will provide no incentive for me to break my new addiction! Celeste, thanks for pointing the way to archived videos - it's great to be able to hear the sound on the Puleston cam. I also had a laugh when I read about Henry and EJ's melodramatic season in England (?) I think. This Osprey Reality TV is so much better then regular TV!

I just passed through Montezuma Wildlife Refuge today. Though the osprey on the North Pond nest (on videocam) have gone, I did glimpse a large osprey (chick?) on the edge of a nest built upon a power structure next to the road bordering the refuge.

Thanks again everyone - I will be seeing you on line! :-)
Madeline 09/11/05 11:17 pm
Welcome Cathleen to this wonderfull web site. This was my first year here and everyone has been so friendly and full of information. You're going to love it here.
Melanie 09/12/05 10:33 am And why would we want to provide incentive for anyone to break this lovely addiction? We even have a support group - Featherheads Anonymous. Of course, we are still working on defining all 12 steps to the program. So far we haven't gotten past the first step, which is "Hi. My name is Melanie and I have an osprey problem......."
Celeste 09/12/05 06:29 pm So true......Melanie....I really don't think there is a cure.......(which is a "good thing"!)

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