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Thread subject: Osprey sighting in New Boston NH
Name Date Message
Jennifer 09/12/05 02:55 pm Hello to all...I have observed an osprey fishing along the Piscataquog River in New Boston. My 8 yr old son and I are fascinated by this beautiful raptor. Last year, a young fledgling was found sitting on a bridge railing in New Boston along the river, was brought to a wildlife rehabilitator but did not survive. I am curious if anyone has heard of any other sightings of this bird, and if not, what information will be useful to provide. From the research I have done, it appears that this is a large adult, wingspan approx 5 feet, appears to be fishing on a regular basis in the New Boston Village area, perhaps providing food for a youngster, although I can only find information on nesting areas in the Merrimack River area, which is about 20 miles from the location where we've spotted him. We sighted him 3 times on September 11th, once approx 930 AM, again around 2 pm, and again at about 430 pm. Any information I can provide or observe to preserve this beautiful bird I will do my best to attain. Thanks.
Celeste 09/12/05 06:27 pm Hi Jennifer, welcome! Though the osprey season is drawing to a close here Long Island and further North, any ospreys that are still around are most probably fledglings and the male, who sticks around to "teach" the young to fish and provide a meal here and there, though at this point, even the male is winding down with provisions. Soon, all healthy osprey will be leaving for warmer climates, Cuba, South America, etc and by November they should all be gone, but mostly by October. However, I am not sure if I understand your question....if you want information about the osprey in general, this message board has loads of it. It will take patience but if you go back to March when the season really starts with the returning osprey and particularly June, July, there are lots of discussions, and info about osprey...Also, the Blackwater Site......(Blackwater Refuge in Maryland)...has good information on osprey that is provided by Lisa the Webmaster...

Many of us can answer specific questions you might have also....(we have all learned from each other and this site has been around since '03) See our archived videos also.....

Jennifer 09/13/05 06:21 pm Thank you Celeste for your warm welcome! I have been reading the old postings and have been learning lots of information about this amazing creature. I will definitely be looking over all the information I can. I find these beautiful birds absolutely fascinating!!

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