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Thread subject: Pam has arrived in Victoria.
Name Date Message
Marie 09/12/05 07:19 pm Thought you might like to know that I just had a call from Pam who is travelling from Port Angeles USA via Ferry to Victoria, this afternoon. She and I will connect tomorrow. I will only have one good knee still, and one well used crutch, but we will find our ospreys nevertheless. I saw three on Saturday at the Lagoon and yesterday I saw one. Guess what, that juvenile was still calling at Nest # 1. She better get a move on and learn her fish-catching-lessons for time is running out. Another bright sunny afternoon here despite the grey cloudy morning.
Will keep you up to date later.
Celeste 09/12/05 07:40 pm Can't wait to read all about your "escapades"!!!! Have fun!!!
Shelley 09/12/05 11:13 pm Have a wonderful time, you two!!
Lori 09/13/05 12:01 am Happy Trails to you both!! Enjoy :-)
Kathy 09/13/05 12:31 pm Will be waiting for photos and have a great time Osprey watching.
Marie 09/13/05 08:46 pm Well, this is Pam here I am with Marie in her beautiful apartment by the water in Victoria. We have had a wonderful day out at all Marie's favourite birding spots, the lagoon with its many herons and all manner of other birds and we did see an osprey there perched on a bare tree trunk in the distance. But the highlights was seeing the ball park ospreys, the parent adult flew right over us and we got a really close-up view before it perched outlined against the brilliant blue sky at the top of a fir tree whilst its offspring hooded over the delivered fish on the nest before it too flew off to a nearby pole, its favourite perch to eat the fish. I got really near to that one and watched it clutching the fish in its talons whilst being harried by crows, which it finally frightened off. We left it sitting there in the sun. It really seemed to take very little notice of this small creature from England peering up through the binoculars at it. A great experience. Also today we were lucky enough to see a pair of otters playing in the sea and on the rocks on Marie's beach, just like a pair of puppies, very pretty but a little too far off for my zoomless camera. Nevertheless I am hoping to enlarge the pics on my computer. We also saw three bald eagles nests, unfortunately no eagles around any more. Will have to come earlier in the year I guess. A wonderful day out and more to come as we are looking forward to a nice meal out later.
cathy 09/14/05 01:30 am How wonderful that you web-cam fanatics (as we all are) are together, having met on the DPOF osprey site. I know how delightful it is to visit Marie. Pam, you are the Race-Rocks photo expert. It must be wonderful to see it in reality - having surveyed it through web-cam for so many hours. Best wishes to you both.
Marie 09/14/05 02:10 am Marie here this experience!

It was so nice to see good friends again. Once again I have to thank DPOF cam site that has brought a number of us together in different parts of the world.

It couldn't have been a more perfect day. Blue skies and warm temps. Felt like it was above 20 degrees after lunch. I guess 70 in USA terms. Certainly not jacket weather.

We started our day together at 10.30am heading out for specialty coffees at the Breakwater cafe. This place has excellent views of the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the mountains of Washington state. A real panorama of sea views including Race rocks in the distance. Too much glare off the water to see RR clearly. From the cafe we motored all around the waterfront. I just had to show Pam and her husband where I live. We sat on the beach inhaling the beautiful scene after visiting all the local eagles nests. Eagles are away on a Salmon vacation right now and will return end of Sept. It was quiet and serene at the beach now that all the children are back in school. ;-) Two young otters entertained us for a while on some rocks. We could have sat there all day.

Soon we headed off to find ospreys. At the Lagoon we found one on a snag enjoying a fish it had caught. This was a good find, for we were there almost an hour before we actually saw one. I was happy to know they were still around for Pam and her hubby to enjoy.This osprey was an adult Male.
We headed off to a place in the country for late lunch. We then discovered the meeting place for Pam's outing to Race Rocks tomorrow. This little adventure would give them a heads up when trying to locate their destination in unfamiliar territory.

We headed back into town via the osprey nests. # 3 one home....
# 2 never was anyone home since the very beginning of the season. No success here for breeding this year. They had three fledged last year.
# 1 nest appeared empty when we drove up. I parked up on the ridge and hoped something would happen. I hoped upon hope that my guests would see more osprey. Well, we had hardly stepped out of the car when we heard ospreys calling. Looking above us we saw two flying in toward the nest and you could tell who was the fledgling and who was carrying in a fish. That youngster just never stopped calling even after the fish exchange took place at the nest, and the male had flown over us and up to the top of a high tree. It was a while before the juvenile flew to her favorite post. Meanwhile the male finally flew off toward the golf course.He must have had enough of her calling. Was all this calling effusive THANK YOU'S !!! Sure doesn't look like this juvenile has got the hang of catching her own fish yet.
Pam was entranced by this youngster. We must have stayed 30 mins just watching her....finally we left the osprey to devour its fish and keep the crows at bay. I was so thrilled for Pam and Dennis for they had seen three ospreys today.

Headed back to my place for a glass of wine and to play on the computer for a while. We set off to the Marina Restaurant by 7pm to enjoy a lovely meal. The view from the restaurant is much the same one I enjoy from my apartment windows overlooking the moored boats, islands and scenic bay by the sea.

It was a most delightful day for all of us, made even more special by a lovely sunset over the Oak Bay Marina
Anne 09/14/05 06:40 am Marie, could you ask Pam to take a picture of the view from your apartment for her web site. It sounds so beautiful.
Marie 09/14/05 11:30 am

Hi Anne, if you go to this picture site of my photos that I prepared last year but haven't added anything this year, you should be able to see MY VIEW among others. Just haven't got around to doing much lately.
Kathy 09/14/05 12:02 pm Beautiful pictures Marie! I took a "quick" look but will make time later to look at each one more closely.
Anne 09/14/05 03:54 pm What beautiful photographs. Your view is stunning.
Celeste 09/14/05 04:03 pm Thank you, thank you for sharing your time together.....oh and what a view!
Madeline 09/14/05 09:26 pm Thanks for sharing your photos with us. They were beautiful. Looking forward to seeing your photos Pam. Enjoy the rest of your time together.
Lori 09/14/05 09:27 pm What a lovely area to live in! Beautiful view , Marie. I'm glad that you & Pam had a great day. Thanks for sharing :-)

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