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Thread subject: Osprey Sighting...
Name Date Message
Tim P 09/14/05 12:43 am As I sat at a red light on Main Street this past Monday the sound of the osprey distress call caught my attention.

Looking around all I could see were pigeons.

After parking I discovered a cell phone tower with a murder of crows diving and hovering around its top.

Looking closer with my field glasses I spotted the osprey, he was holding a fish that the crows apparently wanted.

While I ran back to my truck for the camera the crows dispersed.

It sure was a surprise to find the osprey in town. I thought I was hearing things for a moment.

The cell tower is without an osprey nest.

While making my rounds with the camera this weekend I couldn’t find any osprey at the usual nest sites I visited this summer.

Including the Sunrise Highway nests. I haven't seen birds in either for almost 2 weeks.

I went to Wertheim refuge and was chased away by the mosquitoes. There seem to be a lot of deer in Wertheim.

It looks like the season has really come to an end.

I’ve added a few pictures to my site…. Osprey, Cedar Waxwing,Red Tail hawk, Great Blue Heron.

Have fun.

Shelley 09/14/05 05:59 am Tim, the pics are great! I especially love the fifth photo down on your home page, the way the osprey's head is cocked to one side is such a great pose, as if to say, "You again? Why do you keep following me around??"

Also, I love the second of your red-tailed hawk photos! Those talons!!! And I saw my first-ever cedar waxwing when I was in Ithaca, NY a couple of summers ago! They are so beautiful!

Great photos, as always. Thanks!
Celeste 09/14/05 06:26 am Always a treat......thank you Tim.
Anne 09/14/05 06:37 am Lovely pictures Tim. When you say you were in town, which town do you mean?
Kathy 09/14/05 09:25 am Thanks Tim, always enjoy your photos.
rick s. 09/14/05 10:14 am Sweet pics Tim,.....thanks.
Marie 09/14/05 11:16 am Thanks Tim, Great pics as usual. Thanks for sharing.

The crows were being bothersome to two of the three ospreys we saw on our sojourn yesterday with the ospreys here in Victoria. Never have seen the crow activity around ospreys before. They usually harass the eagles
RonS 09/14/05 11:32 am Super shots, Tim. Thanks.
Can you and your camera get to Hauppauge right now? We've got a RTH having an early lunch on the top of a telephone pole outside our office.
Tim P 09/14/05 06:56 pm Thanx all.
Ann :the town is Patchogue.
Marie: this was the first time I've sen crows involved with an osprey.
Madeline 09/14/05 08:56 pm Tim; Great pics as usual. In reference to crows and osprey, the inland nest at W. Sayville GC usually as problems with crows flying after them if the osprey have fish going to the nest. That nest is empty now. The nest near the 3rd hole still has a juvie. The male was droping off a fish at 7:15 this morning. I could hear another osprey calling further in the marsh near what use to be La Salle.
Lori 09/14/05 09:45 pm Hey Tim , great pictures! Did you get to see the empty nest out on Montauk hgwy? Met your mom the other're right! she does shop in the store often!

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