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Thread subject: Season Ending and Suggestions
Name Date Message
TomT 09/19/05 09:24 pm I would like to thank everyone for helping to make the 2005 season a success. Unfortunately, we will have to shutdown the camera soon, and the plan is to shutdown on September 30. The message board will remain active and everyone will still be able to read the observations.

At some point I will have to take the web server down for maintenance, but it will not be soon and it will only be down for a few hours.

Some people have made suggestions for improvements to this site. I request that people repeat their suggestions and anyone who wants to make a new suggestion, please do. I cannot guarantee that I will be able to implement all suggestions, but I will consider all of them.

Thanks again to everyone.
Tim P 09/19/05 10:11 pm Yikes ! September 30th is only 10 days away.
Iâm gonna need more time then that to detoxify myself from this seasons viewing.
Iâm having a good time watching the nest without osprey.
My suggestion is that the threads (topics) return to the top of the page each time a new message is added. Some good conversations get pushed to thebottom of the page then buried in the back pages and become forgotten.
Another board I visit sends me an e-mail when a message is added to a thread.
The forum that Shelleyâs friend Marian runs is an excellent example of a message board.
Have a look if youâre interested.
One last request?
Can you make an archive clip of the Great Horned Owl on Sept. 17th @ 11:00pm?
Thanx for all you do Tom & Dave.
Please keep us informed as to when the camera will return the sooner the better.
I need a Xanaxâ¦.
Melanie 09/19/05 11:41 pm It's going to be OK, Tim. You are among friends. We are here to help. Just take a deep breath and repeat after me....... They WILL be back... They WILL be back. Xanax, hell. I'm reaching for the bourbon.

Tom, a shot of the GHO would be wonderful. It would certainly help salvage a particularly crappy birthday (the 17th). Now how pathetic is that, I ask?
Marie 09/20/05 12:24 am Belated happy returns Melanie...;-)

I have a BD when the ospreys RETURN....;-) Yippee

So this is the finale....

We are all here for each other as the curtains DROP. We can APPLAUD the DPOF team once again for their continued success in providing a special ' window ' into the world of OSPREYS. A heartfelt thank you from Me out west in Canada.

What a great season it has been once again.
Places to go and people to see. Connections made and history in the making from observations we all contributed to. Another year of learning under our belts. A few lbs too......ha ha. All this sitting lately has done nothing for my jeans.

Tom , as for the changes.........I suggest a
need to rearrange the home page so that one( ie visitors) can go directly to the message board instead of some other message place that goes no where. Will give your request more time for thought. May have other suggestions.

Tim, Xanax is habit forming.....not good for you. LOL
Check out the Australian Peregrine Falcon cam. Tiger posted the url today. New chicks hatching. Real Cute! Might help bridge the gap.
rick s. 09/20/05 09:11 am Thanks Tom, for a great season. this was my first year of observation at D.P.O.F., but it won't be my last!
DaveS 09/20/05 10:38 am Unfortunately we did not have enough room to continue storing (archiving) video after September 3, so I can't provide a clip of the owl that visited the nest.
RonS 09/20/05 11:14 am DaveS-AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!
But this is only a minor disappointment in the face of a dynamite season. Thanks to all the hard working DPOF staff and all the diligent observers and contributors for helping create our own international cybernest.
Mickey 09/20/05 12:03 pm First and formost a very huge thank you to Dave and you Tom. It cant be said often enough how much your hardwork is appreciated here. I simply have 3 suggestions:
1...when a post is made on the message board, that thread should move back to the top. It was like this year 1.It made following threads so much easier.
2...On the observations board say something about that part of the board being for obs only. No questions,answers,hellos yada yada. And keep whatever you say at the top so no one has any excuses. I think it can be easily done next year by dating it for Oct 1st 2006.
3....Make the ob board the same way you have made the msg board. Anyone who posts a ob must have a registered nick.
ok so I have a a poster the option to delete a ob too.
Have a safe and happy Fall+Winter folks.
karen 09/21/05 08:58 am So sad .... now will have to start the inner clock countdown to next April. Since I work like crazy Jan to April that should make it go quickly. Thanks to Tom and Dave for another great year... this site offers great infromations and wonderful "featherheads" friends.
Melanie 09/21/05 10:24 am I heard one of those "yankee" osprey last night ad dusk, winging south. Maybe it was Conanicus on his way down from Rhode Island ;-p One of those last little doses before complete withdrawal.
karen 09/21/05 02:13 pm Maybe it was an Osprey saying Happy Belated Birthday.
Tiger 09/22/05 07:22 am Our last "wish list" thread.
Shelley 09/23/05 09:40 pm Thank you, Tom and Dave, for all you do to bring this amazing slice of nature to us. This site remains heads and shoulders (and wings!) above anything else out there!

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