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Thread subject: Missing Comrades
Name Date Message
Rich_H 09/22/05 09:55 pm It has been weeks since I have seen an Osprey or Red Tail. A typical day for me might be driving West in the morning from my girlfriend's apartmant and passing the Oakdale, Great River nests and possibly see some Ospreys flying over the lakes. If I stopped at my house, I may drive by Islip High School and see the Ospreys there. On the way to work, I would see a Hawk by Sunrise and Robert Moses. Closer to work , by Republic Airport I would see Red Tails by 109/110.

After work, I would do the reverse drive to go to Islip Airport, to work on or fly my plane. On a good day I would see 4 Ospreys on Sunrise in the morning and 4 in the evening and two Red Tails.

On one flight, coming into runway 6 at Islip, I could look down into the nests on Sunrise.

I'll miss them!

I now regret that I did not stop and do more Osprey watching, instead of drive bys.

Everyone have a good off season. I hope to make next year's get together.

Madeline 09/23/05 03:23 am Your're right Rich. I haven't seen any Red-Tailed Hawks perched on the light poles on Sothern State or the Sag. Mentioned it to my husband just two night s ago. I wonder if all the construction they are doing along the pkwys is upsetting them? Hopefully they will be v;isiting my back yard this winter as usual. My bird feeders do attract them. But, " NO EATING CHICKADEES " they are not worth the trouble of catching, too tiny.
Keep your eyes looking up for our featherd friends. Actually, keep one eye looking up, and the other on the road please.
karen 09/23/05 08:33 am The red tail that I see in Nassau at the LIE/Northern state split in Westbury is still around .... so far at least as of 2 days ago....sitting on the light pole. I did not realize that they migrate from LI ...
RonS 09/23/05 09:24 am I commute (by motorcycle as often as possible @ 50+ mpg) from Bethpage to Hauppauge and get on the Northern State at Huntington. I frequently see RTHs at the east end of Northern. From my cubicle I spotted one soaring on the breeze yesterday, so they are still in the area.
Melanie 09/23/05 10:00 am Do they normally migrate? Or do they all, or some, stick around through the winter? I was under the impression that Pale Male sticks around all winter. Don't know why, but that's what I thought.

I had a Northern Goshawk pass through this week. He spent a couple of days here in Annapolis in the spring, so we were watching for it for the fall migration. Lo and behold, there he was. Spent two days and now he's gone. Must be a good spot on his route.
Marie 09/23/05 06:22 pm Hi Rich, sounds like you might get really hooked on Ospreys...always next year, and what a year that will be once again. Just check in the middle of March and see when the ospreys arrive...
Mean while watch the other Birds. It can be fun!
Madeline 09/23/05 06:34 pm Melanie, I'm pretty sure the Red Tailed and Goshawk stay all year long.I've had them come into my back yard during the winter and actually catch birds near my feeder. Sometimes they are not more than 15 feet from my kitchen window. The Sagtikos Pkwy runs behind my backyard, so I do have the hawks visit the smorgisbord of birds that come to my feeder. As long as they don't catch my sweet little chickadees they are welcome.
Melanie 09/23/05 09:35 pm we haven't seen the Goshawk all summer - just during migration, so we were thinking maybe they head further north than Maryland for breeding. There's no mistaking them, that's for sure.
Rich_H 09/24/05 09:08 pm I have been hooked on Ospreys since I was small on Shelter Island. I would always see the nests on Rams Head, but never the birds.

I flew over Shelter Island today, it was an amazing day! You could see for more than 100 miles in any direction!


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