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Thread subject: American white Pelicans
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Marie 09/23/05 12:51 pm Once again I can only say watch the BIRDS above and on the ground for you never know what might visit, ESPECIALLY this time of year.

There I was at the lagoon yesterday late afternoon in hopes of seeing Osprey and sure they were there. Dad and youngster again. I could hear the juvenile but never saw it, but it called from the bank of trees across the lagoon. The male attempted to fish, but came up with nothing so it flew to the far end of the lagoon without anything. I could see it hovering way off so got in the car and tried to find it. In that short drive along the causeway it had gone. Hopefully it had grabbed a fish and was eating on one of its favorite snags.

Meanwhile I sat on one of the many logs that are scattered along the edge of the lagoon and watched the mute swans farther along the shore. It was a beautiful afternoon. Warm and sunny, and very little wind. Approximately 21 swans live on the lagoon, along with several species of duck.
All of a sudden two big white shapes descended from the skies and I thought that more swans were flying in to join the others preening at the edge of the lagoon. It wasn't till I looked at the bulky shape and head of these big white birds did I realise that these were NOT SWANS. They fly differently too so not hard to really come to the conclusion that these birds were different. We on Vancouver Island here never see white pelicans. In fact one was seen almost 20yrs ago during migration. Usually we may see as many as 60 BROWN pelicans along the west coast during the month of September, but rarely in the Victoria area.

The two white immature pelicans made themselves at home among the swans who were somewhat nervous of these two big birds. At one point I was able to approach them really quite closely, once they felt comfortable. I guess they could see that the swans were sitting down and were happy with me close by so they really had no concerns. My cameras was active ;-) I have posted a couple of digital pics of these two already in the Bird section of my photo site.

It was an amazing commune with two out-of-town migrants.

When rare birds hit town we have to call a Rare Bird Alert phone this is what I did. Within 30 mins several Birders were down there with me admiring two gorgeous looking birds.

Celeste 09/24/05 05:29 am Wonderful.....I am sure that the birds in your area consider you their private guardian!

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