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Thread subject: Hawk Watch at Acadia Nat'l Park, and Meeting a fellow "observer"!!!!!
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Celeste 09/23/05 10:48 pm This past week my husband and I visited the beautiful state of Maine. The highlight of our visit was once again visiting Acadia National Park and driving to the top of Cadillac Mountain (1500ft) the highest mountain on the East Coast. I participated in a Hawk Watch which occurs daily during migrating season from 9am to 6pm. National Park Rangers are there each day along with volunteers who help keep count of the migrating hawks. When I arrived I told them I was primarily interested in Osprey and in the 1hour and a half that I was there 15 osprey flew much so that the daily watchers were tired of seeing only osprey. The wind was coming strongly from the west and several osprey would circle around trying to get a thermal to continue their journey south, sometimes they would circle right above us. The most exciting sight I saw was an osprey flying by and circling above the bay with a resident eagle flying above him. I think the eagle thought the osprey was going to stop and catch a meal to go and was ready to steal it. However, the osprey was just trying to get into the "groove" of migrating south. It was thrilling. Last year when I went to Acadia, it was mid October and most of the osprey had already migrated from Canada and Maine. As I was leaving I mentioned the Puleston site to two women I was sitting with and someone behind me started talking about how great this site was and how much she learned from it. I turned around and discovered that it was a "lurker"...ELAINE Z!!!! I told Elaine that I would write about our meeting and I hope she reads this. I invited her to please join us on this Message board. Her enthusiasm was contagious because of this site, enough so that the park rangers put down their binoculars to find out more about this wonderful site!!!! Of course I told all about Dennis Puleston, this site, the streaming video, etc! It was amazing that on that particular day, I would unexpectedly meet a fellow observer of this DPOF site!

PS Elaine, please let me know if you see this message.
Marie 09/23/05 11:27 pm ;-)) simply AMAZING! What a wonderful place to meet another 'LURKER' and how exciting to see so many osprey passing over. I would have been jumping up and down and hooting Yes yes yes.!
We welcome Elaine, another osprey friend into OUR nest....we know you are out there now !
Thank you, Celeste for sharing your adventures on Cadillac Mountain. We missed you...
Tim P 09/24/05 07:52 am Sounds like a great time was had.
The world keeps getting smaller doesn't it.
FOB Webmaster 09/24/05 09:33 am How wonderful to see ospreys there, Celeste!

I've only been to Acadia once, but I'll never forget it. We followed the Park Loop road around the park and had stopped to look at the boats at one of the harbors.

It had been lightly raining the whole time, so when we got out at the harbor, the air was filled with the smell of balsam fir trees! I'll never forget that smell -- it was amazing and very strong.

And every time I smell it now, I think of Acadia.
Celeste 09/24/05 11:53 am Maine is truly a "postcard" state. Everywhere you look, the smell, the sights, takes your breath away....The same sight changes during the different times of the day....can't take enough photos...oh and the lobsters and the fish are great too!!!!!mmmm mmm:)
cathleen 09/24/05 12:33 pm When I had a job that enabled me to get away in late Sept. and early Oct., I would regularly take one-two week long vacations in Maine. My favorite refuge was Monhegan Island, 10 miles off the mainland coast, where I'd rent a place and spend a solitary retreat reading, cooking, hiking and doing artwork.

I regularly encountered Auduboners hiking around during migration season, so I began taking notice of different birds. A kingfisher daily buzzed the pond outside one place I stayed. A goldfinch stunned itself on the glass door but didn't kill itself, so I could watch it close up as it woke up on the deck, reoriented itself, perhaps puzzled and vaguely alarmed by the proximity of my face, and flew away on the next breeze. Graceful cedar waxwings flew through as well, a group briefly alighting on the trees out back.

Other wildlife included native deer unalarmed by human life. One doe came to beg breakfast at my kitchen door in the morning, despite the availability of apples under the numerous apple trees on the island. Colorful dragonflies traced their linear patterns at different spots on the island - by the cliffs facing east to Europe, in little glens near pine tree stands, above the hammock where I'd be reading. A flock of Monarchs numbering about a hundred nearly ran me over one year as they wobbled in a great orange mass around the corner of the house on their way south.

The fresh ocean air enlivened my every breath, stimulating my appetite. I'd spend lazy hours preparing a sumptuous meal, and accompanied by wine, I'd eat as I enjoyed the sunset over the sea. At dark, I'd light a fire against the evening chill and rock away with a glass of cognac until I had to pull my body into bed, anticipating the start of the next morning.

Brilliant fall colors and sunny weather accompanied my trip back from Maine almost every year. Fall does put me in a pensive, wistful mood since it is the season of decline, but it is nevertheless my favorite time of year.
Celeste 09/24/05 12:39 pm So beautiful Cathleen.....I want to go back NOW!!!!
FOB Webmaster 09/24/05 02:33 pm I rented the Rachel Carson cottage in Southport, ME for a week after I got out of college. While we were there, we took a boat to Monhegan Island for the day, and it was amazing!

In fact, out of that whole week of seeing the sights around Boothbay, going to the Wyeth museum in Rockland and meeting Andrew Wyeth, and seeing all the beautiful shoreline, one of our favorite memories was of our day at Monhegan. It's the perfect place for reconnecting with nature.
Marie 09/24/05 07:06 pm Ahhhhhhhhh this place sounds most picturesque and colourful. You all added some Colour to your narrative. I felt I was there. Thank you for sharing Cathleen...made me smile when you wrote of those Monarchs almost ran you down. I could picture the scene well and almost inhale the essence of Maine.
cathleen 09/24/05 07:21 pm I must say it is quite gratifying to share my most sentimental memories of Maine with such an appreciative audience. I am inspired by the virtual adventures I have enjoyed since I joined this Message Board. Maybe one day we will all meet in Maine...
Madeline 09/25/05 12:08 am Your vacation sounds so wonderful Celeste. To see all those osprey in such a shortr span of time, how lucky! Glad you had such a great time

BTW: What is a "LURKER" ?
Melanie 09/25/05 12:25 am A lurker is someone who prefers to just read what is going on rather than post messages or observations.
cathy 09/25/05 01:40 am I feel almost embarrassed to admit that I noticed Celeste's absence and began to become concerned! People who are a regular part of the community start having to explain their absences! It gets a little ridiculous. But what a reward to read about this place in Maine from both Celeste and Cathleen and to experience the thrill of the migration watch (from Xi'an China). Thank you for your report and lovely descriptions. I have nothing to report about birds from here, except the most beautiful songbirds in this city are in cages! Unfortunately, there are few wild songbirds in the city. It is not a hospitable place for wild animals or domestic animals for that matter (hardly any pet or vagrant dogs - a few cats in the meat sections). I hope to see some in the countryside when we have a chance to go there.
Tiger 09/25/05 06:53 am BTW Madeline I see you feature at Frodocam! You no lurker! :)
cathleen 09/25/05 12:28 pm cathy - you are in Xian? Are you taking the silk road? I'd love to do that. I was in Xian three years ago. Early morning in the park just outside the walls of the city, old men practice their t'ai chi and others do various chi kung exercises before the work day commences. Birds and crickets are favored traditional pets in China. The old city Xian resembled Beijing's neighborhoods before they started tearing buildings down to build highrises in preparation for the 2008 Olympics. My grandmother lives in Beijing (102 yrs. old now!) and had to move from her old neighborhood to a new apartment bldg. a few years ago.

I wish you a wonderful journey and a safe return.
Madeline 09/25/05 07:05 pm Thanks Melanie, I sort of thought it was something like that. So OMINOUS sounding!

Hi Tiger, saw your post there also. Thanks for the web site.

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