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Thread subject: Hurricane Gloria
Name Date Message
Tim P 09/26/05 08:03 pm It was the 25th or 26th of september in 1985.

Worst storm in my life time.Hate to have to deal with that mess again. No electric for 11days and a big mess in the yard. The local newspaper remembers gloria 20yrs later with a small article and a few photos.
Share your Gloria nightmare here. Then check out the link.,0,4729131.story?coll=ny-technology-columnists&track=mostemailedlink
Madeline 09/27/05 01:33 am I remember Gloria well. We just had an extension put on our kitchen with an 8 ft. bow bay window. All I could think of was my window. My mother invited my over earlier in the morning to stay with her during the storm so my son and I wouldn't be by ourselves while my husband was at work.

Thank God, our house and property sustained no damage, and we were without electricity for only 4 or 5 days. The best part of it was having my family and friends over to eat the food I made with the defrosting meat. Great time had by all.
Tiger 09/27/05 04:34 am Here is the track of Gloria!

Celeste 09/27/05 05:19 am We had no electricity for 11 days......trees down everywhere, property a mess and Gloria was only a category 1. What's worse here on the Island, there really is no way to "run or hide", and it is now occurring to the powers that be, that evacuating Long Island would be impossible. Lipa our electric company is also acknowledging that if we had a bad storm, (which they say is not a question of "if" but "when" on the Island), it would take them months to get electricity back!
Marie 09/27/05 12:10 pm My goodness. How terrible for you all. That was a nasty storm. Those who experienced Katrina and Rita first hand will never forget their ordeal, will they?
I sit here looking out at glorious sunshine once again and brilliant blue skies. There is patchy fog out among the islands so it is really pretty. This weather is suppose to change just when I am escaping up Island for two days on Thursday. Hopefully it wont turn into a difficult storm of wind and rain.
Celeste I will be seeing PRINCESS....... ;-)
Will tell you all about it on Sunday.
Melanie 09/27/05 02:54 pm I didn't go through Gloria - I was down here in the DC area at the time, but I remember talking with my girlfriend in NC after Bob or one of those other bad boys hit them - One of them had a generator so they dragged someone's fridge over to their house, loaded in all the important pershables and had a big cookout everynight. Those are the times that are fun. Providing everyone has dry ground and a roof.
Nancy L 09/27/05 03:40 pm The next door neighbors had just finished building a side deck around a fairly large tree. Gloria just knocked that tree down, into our yard & on our garage roof. We had to get a new garage roof & they had to build ANOTHER deck.
Gloria also took down many trees in the Bayard Cutting Arboretum, here in Great River, L.I.

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