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Thread subject: OSPREYS gone, Eagles RETURN.
Name Date Message
Marie 09/27/05 07:07 pm They say when one door closes another one opens......
Well that is what has happened in the last three days.
I spent two consecutive late afternoons at the Lagoon waiting and watching for the ospreys to come and fish, BUT none came. On the last day I was there, Sunday it was the most gorgeous afternoon with NO wind, and a mirror like surface to the water of the lagoon. The warm, comfortable temperatures of a late September day created the right ambiance for me to just sit and revel in the sights and sounds of Nature. The only birds fishing on the FLOOD tide were a Belted Kingfisher, Double Crested Cormorants and a Great Blue Heron. Four other herons were snoozing in the trees on the far bank. Even the bald eagle on its high perch was content to just watch the lagoon quietly. The Mute swans, a flock of gulls, Canada Geese and Mallards all lazed around either preening or sleeping with one eye open. By the way the two Pelicans that arrived last Thursday were long gone. Migration was certaily underway. The sky was a beautiful blue so I just sat on a log. I did meet and talk with like minded folk who enjoyed just sitting and relaxing. One was a contact from the Military so maybe with a little pull he and I might be able to get a camera set on the osprey nest on the military ball field. Who knows what we can do. ;-) one of these days. No harm in dreaming.
I left the Lagoon quite late, just as the sun was setting behind the tree line. I felt rather sad despite my beautiful afternoon commune. The loss of the ospreys in my home town suddenly got to me and I found myself crying as I drove home.
Yesterday however, when I took my usual daily walk to the marina coffee shop for my afternoon ''fix'' I was to have my spirits lifted. Sitting in the sun on a bench with my coffee cup I suddenly heard UNEXPECTEDLY, the all too familiar 'laugh/greeting call of the Bald Eagle. One of my pair had returned to the beach having been absent for 5-6 weeks. It must have seen its mate in another tree, although I was unable to locate it. I was never sure I had even heard a second eagle call. Perhapst this eagle was just announcing to all those who listened, it was back at the beach. Or was it calling out to its mate, somewhere within hearing distance... had it even heard the lyrics of a lovely song by the wonderful group called the MOODY BLUES,
'' I KNOW you're out there SOMEWHERE...''

I left this coffee stop-off feeling a whole lot lighter in Spirit...........
cathy 09/27/05 09:29 pm May they have great success in breeding this coming year!
Madeline 09/28/05 12:49 am Nice to hear what a beautiful Sundy you had this past weekend. Yes, the osprey are gone, but as you said " when one door closes, another one opens." I guess the next cam to see will be all the eagle cams out there. Too bad they don't have observations and messege boards like the DPOF, but we will have to keep the chatter up on this site.

Love the Moody Blues also. Hope this goes through. Had trouble last night and the one I just tryed to send. Here GOES
Celeste 09/28/05 06:05 am The door that opened for you has opened for all of us on this site....looking forward to hearing your reports of a "successful" nest this year!
karen 09/28/05 12:20 pm Hi Marie not quite as dramatic as an eagle but this morning I saw returning white throated sparrows and titmice both of which are regular winter visitors. But nothing can replace the immediate enjoyment that "our" ospreys provide! As always your posts are wonderful reading. I look forward to eagle updates.
Anne 09/28/05 01:07 pm When do the eagles breed then? Is it quite soon?
Marie 09/28/05 01:51 pm Eagles in our area don't breed till March..........they start adding and repairing their nests in December and Jan. Sometimes at any time in the fall one might see them adding sticks to their nest. If they start a new nest they could be at it now for it is a massive structure and they have to build it from scratch. By late February they are doing their courtship dancing and copulating, and should be on eggs in march. Hopefully next spring we shall have new eaglets down at the beach.
Anne 09/28/05 04:26 pm Gosh, I had no idea. What is the weather like in your winter then? I presume it must be fairly mild.
Celeste 09/28/05 05:48 pm Anne, last year many of us checked out the eagle cam at the Blackwater Site in Maryland, (East Coast of US)....which will be starting in December. It was great having that cam during the winter, (last year was the first year)...
Marie 09/28/05 06:20 pm Anne, this part of CANADA is balmy in comparison to the rest of Canada.......we have very little snow USUALLY in Winter and generally the TEMPS don't get BELOW FEEZING many days..Three winters ago I never wore a coat..just sweaters. Darn right tropical......LOL. However the way the weather is going these days one can expect anything.

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