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Thread subject: Bald Eagles
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Anne 09/28/05 04:49 pm I am fascinated by these birds, especially as there is a regular one on the Blackwater nest these days.

This bird is the national symbol of America isnt it? I dident realise that they were so widespread, I thought they were only found in mountainous areas.. Are they found right across the country and do they migrate in the winter?
Nancy L 09/28/05 05:15 pm I'm really not sure, but I thought they had been re-introducing them to other areas. Last year I took a day cruise up the Connecticut River from the Long Island Sound in Connecticut, where there are quite a few bald eagles to be seen.
Marie 09/28/05 06:15 pm They are rebounding from the 1960-70's of the DDT episode. Can find MANY in BC and Alaska....Not sure if all the USA states have Bald Eagles now. One from the nest at Blackwater was taken to a State to reintroduse this species to that state. I can't remember which one it was right now.
FOB Webmaster 09/28/05 07:09 pm Bald eagles have come back relatively well -- enough that the federal government is considering removing them from the threatened species list.

The Chesapeake Bay region (where Blackwater Refuge is located) is rather unique in that we have the largest concentration of breeding bald eagles north of Florida and east of the Mississippi. Florida is the only other state on the east coast that has more.

Many bald eagles are migratory, but at Blackwater Refuge they have enough food (fish, small mammals, turtles) that they don't have to migrate and many don't. In the winter our eagle population increases when many eagles from northern areas come here for the winter.

As for our Eagle Cam eaglet, she went to Vermont because they are the only state without at least one breeding pair of eagles in America.

Lisa :-)
Tim P 09/28/05 11:23 pm As far as I know the last time a pair of Bald Eagles nested on long Island was during the late 1930's.
They are up by Niagara & the mouth of the Connecticut River. Hopefully they will return to the Hudson River. I'd like a chance to photograph and observe them on Long Island. In the past 2 years I've read reported sightings of immature Bald Eagles sighted on the east end of L.I.
Eagle info...
Adopted as National Symbol on June 20th, 1782.
Between 1917 and 1927 41,812 eagles were shot in Alaska.
Between 1979 and 1996 the Bald Eagle population
more than tripled in N.Y. State to over 170.
One Bald Eagle nest in Ohio was used for 35 years. The nest was 12 feet high and 8 feet across at the rim. It weighed more than two tons.
Here is a small History lesson about DDT & Puleston.,0,7223233.story
Anne 09/29/05 06:48 am That is so interesting, thanks. I shall keep watching Blackwater more avidly now.

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